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Struggling for Content Again?

keywords_on_pageThere are a few drawbacks with running a blog, as well as a lot of benefits. If you are struggling to find new content to put on there, or if you have exhausted all the possible topics in your niche (it may feel that way), then having a blog can seem like a problem. You will sit and think of all the many things you have written about, and quite possibly think there’s no way you haven’t covered everything. The problem with making quick updates on your blog, too, is that you are covering a topic in just a few sentences. This means you are going to struggle to find more to write on the topic – if you have covered everything in a short post, top to bottom.

One thing you can try, is looking at other blogs in your niche, but did you ever take a look at a page, and think that it covers too much of a broad topic, therefore there’s no real pinpoint core topic to write on?

There is a way to take a page and extract just the things you need from it, and begin writing a post fairly quickly. All you need to do is visit Technorati, and find a blog in your niche. Then, head over to SEO Book, and use their keyword density tool.

Lets say your blog is about autoresponders. Yes, you could really cover that topic in a year of posts, so its important to keep up to date with the changes in the industry. Once you find a blog on Technorati, simply take the URL and paste it into SEO Book’s tool. This will enable you to extract keywords that may not actually leap out at you as you read the post – but are there nevertheless. Basically, you are breaking a blog post into keywords, and those keywords can then be used to research a topic and thus help you write your own post.

You can use this method on just about any page. By extracting just the keywords that are most used on the page, you are able to even begin finding new niche keywords. Let’s say you have a dog training niche website. You can enter the URL of a popular website that has lots of authoritative articles, and simply narrow a 1000 word page into just three popular keywords. Take those away to your favorite keyword tool – and you are golden.

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