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Storytelling for Audience Engagement and Conversions

Human beings are natural born story tellers, we delight in visual communication. Storytelling breathes life into a scenario and adds that vital emotional connection. It breeds feelings of bliss, sadness, or peace while captivating an audience. This is precisely what is needed to make your digital marketing campaign pop.

Who doesn’t love a great, compelling story that grabs the attention and draws you in for more? A good story has the power to boost conversions from prospective buyers, etch out your spot on social media, and complement visual communications, but you must learn to master this art. The competition is quite fierce in both social media marketing and native advertising. In addition, amazing content is being crafted and published online, across all web channels, fast. Readers are drowning.

Most users quickly scan content, instead of reading word for word, especially on social media. Viewers scan web content, in search of something that stops them in their tracks. If they don’t see something that stands out, they’ll leave.

Incorporating storytelling in your online marketing is the key to business success. It is no longer effective to simply talk about products or services through audible advertisements in hopes of drawing in consumers. Things have changed drastically in the ways of communication, and that includes the way marketing and advertising are handled. Unlike the old days, a subtle marketing approach is more appealing to the modern audience. It is all about delivering quality content to the right groups.

Repeatedly in marketing, we hear that “content is king.” This didn’t come about from nothing. Content is important, and it should be at the center of all marketing and advertising strategies. The appropriate content can boost traffic to websites like no other method can. This has been proven again and again, yet content marketing is still not as widespread as it should be at this stage of the game. There appears to be a lack of understanding around exactly what it is and how it should be done. This absence of clarity is preventing businesses from using content marketing in the correct way.

Take a Simple Approach

The simple approach is the best way to tackle content marketing. Displaying web content is a lot like telling a story. Begin by crafting tales around your products or services that will be enticing to your target audience. Then, tell engaging stories that make them want to listen. By accomplishing this you will have fed your viewers the right content and that is effective content marketing that leads to conversions.

Everybody likes a Story Teller

While listeners of every age are attracted to a captivating yarn, people are almost equally drawn to the story teller. The ability to impart knowledge through a great story is a highly-valued skill, people who master it are loved and appreciated by their audiences. When you provide top-notch content, you will receive the same audience adulation and the content will have a strong impact on your followers.

Creative, engaging content increases brand awareness and helps boosts its popularity. Through social media sharing, this engagement gets spread further. Consumers gain confidence in a brand that offers consistently good content which includes important product and services information. Because they trust what you offer, they will be more likely to contact you first when they need your specific types of products or services.

Good Stories will Bring You Closer to Your Target Audience

Rather than taking the time to search for the right audience, attract your target followers to you by offering enticing genre-specific tales geared toward distinct viewers. It won’t take long before your flock comes soaring home. This is the point when business should take off with booming conversions. This strategy is so effective when done right, many business owners see the need to hand this task to the experts.

Good storytelling encourages positive connections and helps build relationships with the target audience. It brings them back to your site on a regular basis and keeps them engaged. It leads to conversions.

Get a Reaction from Your Audience

Presenting advertising content in story form will not only captivate your audience it will induce a reaction much like a CTA. Innately, great stories have the power to trigger an emotional response and knowing how to play on this knee-jerk reaction is the secret to marketing success.

However, knowing the statistics on how little time users spend reading online content from beginning to end, questions may still arise. How likely is it that viewers will read the whole story? Well, if what is presented is high-quality, superbly written content focused on what your target audience wants to know, they will remain engaged and take the time to go through to the finish.

Content that Tells a Story Assures Better ROI

Truth be told, it is often necessary to hire marketing experts to develop good content, this is a worthwhile investment. It may be tempting to experiment with other options such as using relevant news articles in an impactful way to promote business content. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when considered investment choices.

News features and content may serve a similar purpose, but they are two very different things when it comes down to cost and audience impact. Content is presented in a more attractive way, which leads to more audience engagement. It adds more value than offering news items. There is a lot of essential information in newsworthy features, presented in a drab manner that does not encourage engagement. You will get more bang for your buck in regards to engagement and conversion with storytelling content by investing less than you would on traditional branding methods.

Blend Old Ways with the New

Some marketers remain hesitant to rely solely on content despite its powerful impact on advertising and branding. One trend in 2017 is to hold on to traditional marketing and brand building strategies, at least partly so. This method blends the old way of doing things with content marketing as an extra for added support. This is what many businesses prefer to use, a mixture of both worlds.

Storytelling development that is managed consistently will give your brand a more colorful voice and a unique identity that your audience can relate to and enjoy. It helps boost conversion rates and builds brand loyalty.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for Storytelling that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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