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Start Internet Marketing Today: What’s Holding You Back

Start internet marketing right now. No, I mean it. Right now. start internet marketingYou’ve been thinking about it, talking about it, researching it, and quite frankly, doing everything you can to create “busy work” for yourself. And what has it gotten you? Probably not even your first dollar. Now granted, it’s prudent to do a little research before you jump headlong into something. But at some point, you have to wean yourself off the milk and take a bite into that big juicy steak, even if you only have baby teeth.

The whole holdup behind you not trying to start internet marketing right away is that you’re likely afraid of failing. Failing miserably, or perhaps losing a lot of time and money. Well guess what: there are few things worth pursuing in life that do not represent some kind of challenge, especially where your time, finances and pride are concerned. So it’s time to bite the bullet and jump headlong into the work of internet marketing.

Start Internet Marketing with a Plan in Mind

You need to start internet marketing ventures with at least a little bit of a plan in place. But you need to be actively working out that plan while you’re in the birthing stages. Don’t expect it to fall into place immediately. You’ll be doing a lot of on the job learning and training, so it’s perfectly acceptable to plan as you go. But it’s important to have a few goals in mind.

First, set a modest financial goal for yourself. Maybe tell yourself that you want to make $100 your first month. That averages out to about $5 per weekday or just over $3 every day. This is certainly an attainable goal in today’s world of internet marketing.

Secondly, start internet marketing planning with a time goal in mind. For instance, perhaps you want to spend one hour per day working on your internet marketing. And by this I don’t mean just the planning – I mean the actual DOING aspect of internet marketing. Most people can carve out thirty minutes here or fifteen minutes there to equal up to an hour, even if you can’t do it all in one sitting.

Third, set a work goal for yourself. What will you do in that hour? Let me give you a few hints to start internet marketing. Maybe you’ll write an article on Monday, publish it on your website and optimize it on Tuesday, make graphics for your site on Wednesday, and so forth. It’s not rocket science, and it’s easy to put it into bite-size pieces this way.

Start Internet Marketing: The Sacrifices

Also like anything else worth working for, you might find yourself having to make sacrifices. You might have to DVR your favorite TV show and watch it at 10:00 at night instead of 7:00 when your mind is still active. You might have to skip drinks with the guys in favor of keeping a stable blog posting schedule. Whatever it is, if you start internet marketing, you’ll only see it take off if you stick with it.

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