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Five Reasons to Start an Online Business

Need a few reasons to get off your bum and start making money online? Well I’ve got more than five for you, ordinarily, but five is all you need to be persuaded that making money is a great idea, and for several reasons.

Making money online is such a cliché these days that I see a lot of people roll their eyes when they hear it. Yet others have still yet to learn about what exactly it entails, which is surprising considering that I thought just about everyone knew of the online scams and schemes that pervaded so many minds and discouraged so many would-be internet marketers from joining the ranks of online entrepreneurs.

All that negative thinking aside, here are my top five reasons why you should start your own online business.

  1. You can make money in your sleep. Literally. I have oftentimes awakened to the cha-ching sound of money in the bank. Okay, so it was never a LOT of money, but in what other business can you make even a cent in your sleep? Not very many, I’ll guarantee you that.
  2. You can create your own schedule. I never really valued the idea of creating my own schedule until I worked an 8-5 job. Now I see how truly wonderful it is to be able to start work at 10:00 Monday morning and end at 3:30 because you want to go for a joy ride in your new car. This is pretty darn near impossible if you work a “real” job.
  3. You can pretty much choose your own niches. In the beginning, you might have to pick a niche that pays, so to speak, but once you put a few niches on autopilot, you can begin choosing your own hobbies to turn into creative niches. If you enjoy buying a bunch of Urban Decay makeup, then make a YouTube channel tutorial video series out of it! YouTube now allows anyone apply for AdSense, plus you can link to your affiliate program in the description, so it’s really a win-win situation for everybody.
  4. You can stop at any time. Unlike a real job commitment, you can try internet marketing with no strings attached. Seriously, you can pull the plug at any time. Better yet, you can leave your existing work online and let it run on autopilot while you go find a job again. I did, and I’ve still got a tidy stream of income flowing in each month as a result.
  5. You need very little or no startup money. With a real job, you need to buy new clothes, a car (if you don’t have one, depending on your age and situation), daycare if you have children, and a budget for eating out (because believe me, you’ll get lazy like I did and eat out more often than you bring food to work). You’ll even save money because you’re home more often and not burning gas or fast food money.

So there you have them – my top five reasons why you should work at home, at least in some capacity.

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