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Spy and Link, Rinse and Repeat!

Some time ago I spoke about finding new sites that have been registered, and how they are great for finding niches. This regsitered_nameslittle post will show you how to capitalize on newly registered sites and get yourself some great backlinks built. Backlinks form the backbone of any SEO or marketing campaign, and without them, you are at a standstill with your ranking and will certainly take the slow route to success on the search engines. Most people think  that backlinks are a commodity that you have to buy in bulk from forums, or use some crazy tool that delivers hundreds overnight etc.

Yes, there are awesome tools out there (my backlink tools are of course HIGHLY recommended!) that will boost your backlink power, but you can harvest some backlinks yourself in the first place, and then start on the road to SEO with a great deal of power.

To start, simply go over to Google, and enter the following search:

site:www.nsspy.org “yourkeywordhere”

The first thing you need to do is check out how many sites, registered recently, have your keyword included. You can use any number of keywords. I would recommend using every and any keyword you have for your particular niche. It works best with singular keywords, or keywords joined together as you would see them in a domain, such as “dogbed”, “gold” or “golfswing”. So, perform the search, and just check through the list on Google where you see your keyword highlighted.

We are going to use “dog” for our example and this will form our quick list.

Right away, I see we have 536 results on Google, so what I do now is make a list on notepad of the domains that have been registered lately with those keywords. Then, I will head over to DomainTools or similar, and do a quick whois on each site. This whois will tell me the email address of the owner.

Gather all the contact details, and start emailing. Tell people you will happily do some reciprocal backlinking on your site, or whatever you want to offer them. The fact is, these guys are looking to get their new sites NOTICED too! You will receive quite a response, because after all they are in the same boat as you, and are also looking for some free exposure. Heck, you may even run into someone who read this very article, and was going to contact you!

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