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Blog Comments = Social Visitors

We have spoken about the many advantages and disadvantages of social media and social marketing, and everyone is pretty much resigned to the fact that not only is it the future of the web as we know it, but it is also evolving at an alarming rate. We are at the point now where we can inform all of our connections, regardless of which social network they are part of, about everything we are doing, what we have written about, and what we think is worth sharing with the world with absolute ease and synchronicity. One great way to share ...

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About Stumbling Over a PPC Idea

A funny thing happened to me today that has probably happened to the majority of my readers, therefore I had to share it with you. It happened by accident. I was looking (out of sheer curiosity) at the AdWords Placement tool, to see what a favorite blog of mine got in terms of traffic, and to their AdSense ads. If you don’t have an AdWords account, get signed up for one so you can benefit from tools like this. Whilst I’m unsure whether you actually need an AdWords account to view the placement tool, it’s always worth having one for ...

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Sly, Annoying, or Beneficial?

Popups have had the jury out for a long time. There are many marketers now that are swayed back to popups, and say that they are giving added value by giving away free guides etc. in these popups. The fact still remains that millions of people hate having something popup when they are trying to read the content on a site. Whatever your stance on this, I’m sure you would dearly love to capture the visitor’s attention every time a new one hits your site, and actually get them to read something interesting, without disturbing their visit to the site.

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RSS Theft – How to Deal With It

We all have to face the fact that our work may sometimes be plagiarized by others, in particular ‘sploggers’. There are some people who will set up a blog with just a small amount of unique content, and then add hundreds of pages of filler, which will be aggregated from lots of other places. The most common plugin that does this is WPRobot, and though it may be great for putting Amazon and YouTube content on a website, it can also be used to rip content like articles, photos and more from a blog that has an RSS feed.

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Getting Things Done on the Cheap Side!

Just because you don’t have the money to get the most expensive tools and toys of the professional internet marketers, don’t worry about it. You can usually find everything you need on your hard drive, or in a free (or cheap) trial. One of the best things about the information superhighway, is that everyone likes a bargain, and the internet is more than happy to keep you up to date with the best ones out there.

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