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Social Networking Sites for Business

Social networking sites for business do exist beyondSocial networking sites for business the regular Facebook and Twitter platforms, believe it or not. Even though all you seem to hear about anymore is Facebook and YouTube, there is social networking opportunity for small and online businesses beyond these areas. This guide will show you some of the ways you can make your business noticed without wasting time on the wrong social networks.

Most of the time social network is given a bad name because of the time-wasting that goes on there, usually on behalf of bored employees and teens after school. But there is a way to use it without making it a time-wasting endeavor.

Social Networking Sites for Business: LinkedIn

Some people don’t view LinkedIn as a social media site like Facebook but more as a resume-building site like Monster or Indeed. But what you might not realize is that LinkedIn gets a lot of exposure on Google and other search engines. Thus, when someone types in your business name, chances are that they will stumble across your LinkedIn page, where you have a strong opportunity to showcase your website, your geographic location (which helps when people search for you in the search engines) and a contact area.

So for the record, yes, LinkedIn is a great way to put your resume on display, but it’s also a great way to get plenty of exposure for a small business, website or product. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you can also link to your other social media entities, giving you even further opportunities to grow your business.

Social Networking Sites for Business: Google Plus

By now, you’re probably familiar with the Google Plus social media platform, but not as other social networking sites for business. If not, let’s just suffice it to say that it tries to be a variation of Facebook. And while a lot of people don’t really get good vibes from Google Plus, there’s nothing like a Google-owned entity to get you some decent exposure.

In addition to creating a regular Google Plus profile, you should also create a Google Plus page. (Sounds just like Facebook, doesn’t it?) And while Google Plus pages don’t seem to be set up in the same logical way as Facebook, it still behooves you to have one, if for no other reason than getting nods from the search engines. And just like Facebook and Twitter, you can “follow” the page and ask your fans to do so as well.

As long as a fan is logged into their Google Plus profile and follows your page, your page will be listed in their search results for related searches that they type in. This is a bit of a stretch for some who may not have a huge following, but for those who do, this is a huge benefit.

Make sure you also utilize Google Bookmarks when placing new content on your site. Just use the same profile you used to create your Google Plus profile, and you’ll be good to go.

Use these social networking sites for business, and you will begin creeping up in the search engine results quickly.

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