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Social Media Tips for Standing Out & Cutting Through the Noise

Social-Media-TipsEvery day, over 400 million tweets are sent on Twitter. Over 1 billion posts are posted on Facebook. Trying to get your message heard on social media can be like trying to get a customer’s attention at a crowded concert. No matter how loud you shout, it just doesn’t seem like anyone’s listening.

So how do you cut through the noise?

Follow these steps.

Be the “Go To” Person for One Topic

Stop trying to serve everyone. Stop talking about everything. As industries mature, they naturally split into smaller and smaller segments. Own one segment.

When search engines first came out, an expert could carve a niche for himself by being a “search engine consultant.” Then, as the industry matured, they split into “PPC experts” and “SEO experts.” As the industry matured further, PPC experts became “analytics experts” “content network experts” “local PPC experts” and so on.

The more mature an industry is, the more users it attracts. The more users it attracts, the more opportunity there is to run a lucrative brand by dominating a smaller segment of the space. One of the most important things you could do to stand out is to position yourself at the “go to” person for one specific segment of your market.

Take a Bold Stand

If you take a bold stand, two things are going to happen.

First, you’re going to piss some people off. If you come out and say X is wrong, the followers of X are naturally going to vehemently disagree.

On the other hand, your message will powerfully resonate with your target audience. The audience that you actually have affinity with. At the end of the day, these are the people who really matter. When you take a stand, you become captivating. People want to read your content. They share your content. They want to see what you’ll say next.

If you’re in the energy industry and you think solar panels area terrible idea, say it loudly and proudly. If you’re selling fishing gear and you think everyone’s using the wrong lines, make a declaration. If you’re a personal trainer and you think most personal trainers are ripping their clients off, say so.

Take a bold stand. Make some people mad. Make waves. Some people will leave your audience – but you’ll attract a lot more people in return.

Make it About Them

Ultimately, what stands out online is content that’s about them. Your customers really don’t care all that much about the latest developments at your company. They care about things that affect them.

Stand out from the clutter by always publishing content that impacts your customer. If you run a burger joint, your customers probably aren’t going to read your latest Zagat review. What if you post a report about how 95% of beef in America contains bleach (while yours doesn’t)? That’ll get someone’s attention.

Strike an Emotional Chord

Use emotional words, phrases, imagery, declarations or ideas. When you write a headline, or when you’re thinking about writing a piece of content, ask yourself: “Does this idea make me feel something?”

The National Enquirer and Cosmopolitan magazine can be great inspirations. Pick up a copy next time you’re at the grocery store. The headlines on those covers do nothing but target emotions. Learn to incite emotions and you’ll never want for visitors.


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