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Are You Being a Social Media Dummy?

Social media marketing has been getting quite a bit of attention lately from web entrepreneurs. If used correctly, it can be an extremely effective tool in your marketing repertoire. It’s almost impossible to talk about generating traffic, SEO, or any of the basic requirements needed for effective internet marketing without social media marketing being brought up. It is simply THAT powerful.

Unfortunately, many are going about it all wrong.  Do you remember opening your birthday presents when you were a kid? There was always that ONE cool present that you never wanted to put down. If you were like me, you played with it, and played with it, and played with it, until it either broke well before it’s time or you used it so much that it simply stopped bringing the same joy that it once did. Social media marketing has become that cool new toy.

When I talk about the “overuse” of a toy when pertaining to social media marketing, I am referring to those that try to establish a strong presence EVERYWHERE. Let’s face it, there are countless forms of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

To think you are going to be able to devote enough effort into building a strong presence on all of these platforms is absolute lunacy. Not only will it be a massive waste of time and resources, but it simply won’t bring in the desired effect. It would take hours of your precious work time to simply set up the profile for this many social media accounts, let alone try to manage them. Each profile requires consistency and more of your time just to build an audience; time that you could have easily spent on another important aspect of your business.

Why not pick one or two platforms and work exclusively to build a strong presence there instead of spreading yourself too thin?  For instance, if you look on my home page, you will see that I have over 70,000 Facebook followers. You’ll also notice that I am virtually non-existent on most other social media platforms.  This is because I personally believe that focusing my efforts in one area will pay off much more than trying to be everywhere at once.

Another common folly is to post on your social media accounts tirelessly throughout the day. I honestly can’t think of a faster way to alienate your target audience then to spam them with posts. If their Facebook or Twitter feed is stuffed with posts from you, it is safe to say that you will lose followers faster than Takeru Kobayashi eats hotdogs (Google him if you want to be amazed).

Instead, methodically research the patterns of your followers. By posting less it will also ensure that every post is relevant to the needs of your target audience.  You will quickly see that your engagement rate will drastically increase.

There are specific days of the week that people check their social media accounts more than others. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays are notorious for having the highest engagement rates. Who knows, your market may be different. Not only should you test different days, but different times of the day. For all you know, there is a small army of people awake at 3am every Sunday morning that wants relevant information in your niche. Pick and choose specific times of the day to reach out to your audience.

Within the last few years, few other outlets have proven to be as effective for building a following as social media marketing. Unfortunately, there are those that simply don’t understand how to use it correctly. Make sure that you choose only a few social media platforms, post relevant content every so often, and pay attention to how your audience reacts to your posts. Before you know it, you may be crushing the competition all because of your intelligent approach to social media marketing.


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