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Social Media Content Ideas: 9 Topics That Never Get Old

Running out of ideas on what to write? Don’t worry. Here are nine topics you can use that never get old.

Social Media Content Ideas

Topic #1: Tell a Story

Tell a story, then tie it back into an educational point. For example, talk about a mistake you made when you were first getting started in your field. Then tell them how you’d do it differently today.

Topic #2: Explain a Difficult Concept

Take something complex and break it down. In online marketing, a good topic might be “What Exactly is AdWords Quality Score?” In the real estate investing, a good topic might be “What is Lien Investing?” Look for concepts that people have likely heard about but don’t understand.

Topic #3: X Tips

These topics are pretty straightforward. Give them X tips to do Y. For example:

  • 55 Tips for Finding a High Paying Job
  • 11 Ways to Get More Web Traffic
  • 7 Tips for Beginning Fishermen
  • 9 Quick Weight Loss Exercises

Topic #4: “How To”

Teach your audience how to do something. If you run short of ideas, just hop on an online forum and see what kind of questions people are asking. If you still feel like you’ve run out of ideas, talk about a sub-topic of a large topic.

For example, a broad topic might be “How to Lose Weight.” A sub-topic might be “How to Design a Weight Loss Meal Plan.” An even more narrow sub-topic might be “How to Calculate the Perfect Carb to Protein Ratio.”

Topic #5: Q&A

Take one to twenty commonly asked questions and answer them. You can take just one question and make an entire blog post out of it. Or your entire blog post can be rapid-fire question answering. You can mix it up and do different Q&A style posts. Some very high traffic sites are nothing but Q&A.

Topic #6: Post a Video

Video content is always appreciated on the internet. People like to be engaged, and video is engaging. Even if you aren’t a fan of making videos, it doesn’t hurt to repost a good content piece every once in a while.

Topic #7: Review  a Product

Take a popular product and give your honest opinion. It helps if the product is relatively recent. Infuse as much of your personality into it as you can. Instead of just listing the features, actually walk your audience through the experience of owning that product.

Topic #8: Bust a Myth

What’s a common misconception in your industry? Chances are, there are many conventional lines of thinking that you just don’t agree with. Pick one, call it out and bust the myth.

Topic #9: Jump on What’s Hot

If a topic is big and hot in your industry right now, jump on the bandwagon. Talk about the same thing, but give it your own spin. By tapping into an existing line of thinking, you’ll greatly improve the traction of your content.


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