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Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

There are smartphone apps for just about anything you can think of on the Apple iTunes store. So I guess it didn’t surprise me that when I did a query for applications involving internet marketing, the search results yielded plenty to choose from. Some were free, some cost a buck, and some cost even ten bucks, so for every price range, there’s an app.

If you find yourself getting a little bored at work, or if you need to take a breather from your everyday grind during internet marketing, perhaps you should consider downloading an affiliate marketing app. You’ll have access to trending affiliate news that much quicker, plus you can search for affiliate ideas whenever you’re near your phone. Who knows – you might even be inspired to create an app of your own after browsing through them! If they can sell for a few bucks each on the iTunes store, there’s opportunity for you to do so as well.

One of the first apps I came across was Affilorama. Produced by Doubledot Media, Affilorama gives you quick access to the latest in affiliate news, Affilorama forums and more. While it doesn’t have any star ratings yet (because after all, how many people actually search for affiliate apps) it looks like it might hold some promise. If nothing else, I like how visually friendly and easy to use it appears, which in my mind, is key to a good app.

Cake Marketing is another one that popped up in the list. If you use Cake Marketing already, then you’ll be thrilled to know that its affiliate platform has an app, complete with a user dashboard and all. Not too many affiliate platforms boast a mobile dashboard that I am aware of, so I thought that was pretty sweet. This app presumably works for advertisers as well as publishers. It has received a five-star review on iTunes, so apparently a lot of internet marketers like you find it helpful.

If you’re on vacation and just can’t rip yourself away from looking at your ranking in the search engine results pages of Google, then the SERP’s app by Hans Schneider is for you. Priced at a mere $0.99, this highly affordable app helps you check your ranking for your domain as well as your keywords.

Want to track results from a number of your affiliate marketing platforms? Check out Portable Stats, an API-based tracking system able to bring the dashboards – or their alternatives – from your computer to your fingertips when you need it most. Not bringing your laptop to the beach? Not a problem; just check your stats with this app. It has a four-star rating currently, and it’s free. What could be easier?

Affiliate Summit has an app. Yes, an app. Complete with videos and articles about upcoming conferences and featured speakers, you might actually find this one pretty handy if you plan to attend an Affiliate Summit conference any time in the near future.


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