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Sly, Annoying, or Beneficial?

Popups have had the jury out for a long time. There are many marketers now that are swayed back to popups, and say popups-marketingthat they are giving added value by giving away free guides etc. in these popups. The fact still remains that millions of people hate having something popup when they are trying to read the content on a site.

Whatever your stance on this, I’m sure you would dearly love to capture the visitor’s attention every time a new one hits your site, and actually get them to read something interesting, without disturbing their visit to the site.

I have toyed with the ideas myself of popups and slide-in banners, though I prefer something a little more discreet more often than not. One great little tool I have seen advertised a while ago, and only remembered it when I hit a page with it on – ChatPopBox Software.

This is a pretty discreet little popup that resembles a Facebook chat box, and pops up when a visitor hits the page, displaying a small amount of text, and an image (of you) as well as a URl to anywhere you like. This kind of software presents you with a solution, and not a problem, and it’s why I like it so much. You can literally put anything in theat box, and the visitor will not be angry with you. They will, in fact, want to read what is there. This happens mainly because they are used to instant messenger chat alerts popping up all the time when they are reading something on Facebook for example, and they multitask with these chat boxes easily. Once they read the text, they will be ready for the call to action – they either respond, or they click the URL. Unfortunately, this software does not have a respond feature, so a good way to get round that is to put (Offline) at the end of your name on the popup. Simple & effective. Just the way we like it here at Manic Marketer.

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