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Slow and Steady…


Without a doubt keyword research is getting harder, when you consider how many new internet marketers are trying to page_5_rankingjump on the bandwagon every day. The greatest piece of information I was told recently, is the “ladder” approach. Whilst everyone is chasing those top 10 spots, you can rank a lot quicker and easier if you completely go the opposite way, and take it just one step at a time, and try to hit page 5 – 10.

This may sound ridiculous, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you hit the page 5 mark, then you can slowly increase your SEO efforts until you are on page 4. Then, try to compete for page 3 and so on.

By gradually working your way up those rankings, you are building consistent backlinks and you are also slowly feeing your site what it needs to rank high. In Google’s eyes, this is perfect. The love to see slow and steady ranking rather than 500 backlinks appearing overnight, and a link wheel to boot. The algorithm is getting much smarter, and link wheels are genuinely not as effective as they once were. The perfect scenario is your site gathers a number of backlinks over so many months, from sites that are linking contextually to yours.

This is the perfect scenario. The reality is that will often never happen unless you have seriously cool information that everyone wants to share.

When you are considering your next campaign, and looking at the possibilities of hitting that page 1 spot, just take a minute to see how the top 10 looks on page 5. Could you easily hit that area, with relatively low backlinking and unique content? Could you get there without the need for heavy SEO off page? Once you get there, remember that you only have to do a little bit of SEO every so often to get you up those rankings, because Google will remember where you started.


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