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Simple Google Search Engine Optimization Tips you Must Consider

Google Search Engine OptimizingWe all know that Google is the King of SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and that we need to focus on Google search engine optimization when trying to rank. Heck, with 80% market share you can be sure that’s where our focus needs to be.

There are many things you need to consider when you create pages and posts that you’re writing for the net. Not only are you writing for the search engines you are also writing for customers. So, let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to give your Google listings a boost and help your customers find you.

Correctly Formatted Text

Google tries to mimic the human reader with its bots. They want to determine if your page offers value and as such they have 187 different metrics they measure. The more human friendly you are the better. For example, people don’t read long streams of text and how the article is formatted is important too. Human readers like clips of info and proper headings (H1 and H2 tags.) They help guide the eye and the search engines as to the relevance of the text you are posting.

Many writers forget SEO and the fine balancing act that can make the difference between a lot of traffic and a stagnant page. Remember, the more people that go to your site, the more people that will buy your product. The more people that go to your site, the more money you’ll get from your advertisers. The key is getting people to your site, and if you have a guiding tour guide like Google behind you, you’re in the drivers seat of getting people to your site. Length is important too. Your text should be between 400-600 words or more and the content should be enticing and interesting. If you think you are rambling, then cut out the excess.

Smart Keyword Research

Google lists sites based on keywords and commonly used phrases. As such you must perform some sort of keyword research before writing. You can even use Google’s own keyword tools to see what competition you have and ensure that what every phrase you are targeting actually gets searched for. One very important point to make is not to repeat that keyword in some monotonous repetitive style.

Again, it’s all about balance and some SEO experts forget that people are reading this too, not just a search engine bot. Once Google gets your visitors to click on the search result, they have to like reading what you’ve created and it has to make sense. Peppering your keywords in the page title, headings and text is essential and any related terms as well but make sure you focus your efforts on the phrase you know if getting searched for.

Diversity of Links

For powerful Google search engine optimization, you also need to branch out. The more the keywords are connected with the business, the more they will come up. Link building is an essential element of SEO for Google as well as Bing and Yahoo. The more relevant links appear for your business the better your chances of being found are.

If your main keywords are found in those links then the more likely you are to be found by your customers. There are many ways you can build links and we cover some techniques in other articles here. However, if you create some Web 2.0 properties and start linking them altogether (Linkwheeling) then you can dramatically help your business get the valuable exposure it needs.

The more you link items together, and the more times they are out on the net, the more opportunity they have to be pulled up my Google. The key to Google search engine optimization is to make it so that when the computer goes out to look at what there is on the web that will fit the customer’s request, the only thing it can find is your company and your product.

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