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SEO Location: Why Location is so Important

SEO location is crucial to include in your SEO strategy. SEO locationWhy? This guide will delve a little bit into the reasons behind making sure everything you post online for a local business should be tracked back to a city name – or several city names, for that matter.

SEO location makes your posts, photos and videos search engine friendly in several ways. First of all, it helps Google track where exactly your business is located. Secondly, it helps Google pair your potential customers with your business. Third, it makes your business more relevant when someone in your area is searching for keywords related to your business. In other words, you become more relevant all the way around, and relevancy is key in Google’s mind.

SEO Location: Making Yourself Relevant

One of the first things on your list should be to give your business a geographic location on Google Maps. You’ll want to check this off the list as soon as possible to prevent someone else from taking over your page (such as a former employee, the competition, etc.) Granted, Google has ways of checking up on this, but why make it complicated? Such a simple SEO location task can be done within a matter of five minutes, so there’s no need to procrastinate.

The trick to SEO location and making yourself stand out from the competition when performing SEO location placement in Google Maps is by setting your pinpoint as close to a major street as possible. Even if you’re located out in the boondocks, you could put your pinpoint by a driveway, instead of on top of your actual building, to help Google navigate your customers to the right area. It also makes you look like a more viable option when someone compares which businesses are closest to them.

SEO Location: Putting Location Information in Web Documents

When it comes to SEO location, it’s easy to add into things like posts, photos, videos, “About” pages and other web documents. You don’t actually have to do any “geo tagging” per se, but you should include location information. Here’s a personal example of what is done on many competitive web pages of local businesses.

Wherever it makes sense to place the name of your city or a surrounding one, do so. For example, the words, “ We serve hungry customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and more” is a way to tell Google that anyone within 100 miles of Dallas might be a potential customer – and so forth. Obviously exact SEO location strategies differ for everyone, but this is a good example.

You can also place SEO location information into your photos when you upload them. Say something like “Here I am at Walgreen’s in Los Angeles picking up a new package of bandages for this scrape I got while reviewing my new skateboard.” Make it personal as well as local, and viewers will love you for it.

When it comes to SEO location in videos, be sure to place tags of your town and surrounding areas into the description and keyword areas.

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