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SEO for Google Images – Why?

Google, as a rule, is pretty smart. When you set up your website for Google to come and crawl and slot you in amongst google-imagesthe wheat and the chaff, the algorithm does its job and makes sure their users have a good experience when searching.

However, have you ever noticed that when you are searching for images, the results are somewhat mismatched?

This is because Google is trusting YOU to tell it what the image is. An algorithm cannot see an image – it just trusts you not to lie. This is where a savvy internet marketer can benefit.

To get the most out of Google images, you have to first understand WHY you would want to use Google images instead of normal SEO.

The easiest market to attack with Google images is of course wallpapers and desktop themes. People will search on Google images just to find free wallpaper or a free background for their desktop. You can monetize a wallpaper site easily, with CPA or Adsense – but you are not limited to this.

You can of course use Google images for a whole host of things. Imagine why a guy searching for a GT500 would be searching for a picture of that car? Maybe he’s a collector? Maybe he has a GT500, is a big car lover, and is looking for some cool pictures to show the guys on his forum? This guy would click on the image, be taken to your site – and if he saw hundreds of cool images for GT500’s, maybe he’d stay a while?

Maybe he’d even link to your site from his? There you have a free content site, making money from cool images via Adsense or contextual ads. If you think outside the box on this one, you realize that hundreds of people are searching Google images for lots of different reasons. You just need to tap into that market.

Tomorrow: How to Drive Traffic Using Google Images

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