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SEO and 2015: What You Can Expect

The cyber world is changing quickly and it’s important that you be ready for those changes. Of course before you can get ready for the changes you need to fully understand what they are. If you’re a business looking to attract more users, clients or customers then you need to understand the new ways of doing just that.

Being available online is the key and it’s going to prove even more important in the coming years. But just being online isn’t the only important aspect. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also going to be even more important in the coming years.

A Basic Overview

SEO is a way of finding things on a search engine. When someone looks up ‘dogs’ on Google for example, they find a list of results. Those results are ranked based on their search engine optimization. They are ranked by a series of rules created by the search engine. Those rules will apply to number of keywords used, variety used and more.

They will also consider the quality of information displayed. This information is used to decide how useful that website will be to someone who searches the topic. This helps users to only see sites they can use.

By using this method to rank sites it is possible for search engines to make life easier for users. This can also make it more difficult for websites. In many instances they must moderate their content to provide quality information and SEO. This may hinder some of their attempts at being unique. In many ways SEO requires companies to fit in with mainstream.

This is because a certain set of factors will apply to any business. No matter what field you are in you have to follow the same rules for optimization. You also need to consider what users are going to be looking for when they come to your website. Make sure you are giving it to them.

Improving Your Home Page

One of the first aspects that is going to be important for your success in 2015 and on is going to be your home page. This is the page that your users are going to see first. It’s the one that should tell them a little about your business and what you offer.

For SEO purposes this page used to be unimportant. All you needed was a couple of lines with some keyword optimized content. This could attract a larger grouping of potential customers to your business.

The new methods of SEO though, are a little different. You will not be able to get away with lax content anymore. Instead, you’ll need to beef up your home page to make it more useful to the potential clients that come to visit. You need useful content or your SEO rankings are going to drop.

This is because those websites that use SEO are going to start checking for quality as well as quantity of keywords being used. The more keywords you have compared to the useful content or information you provide, the lower your ranking.

Overworked Pages

One important aspect of SEO that is often overlooked is the overworking of keywords. Many pages will be so stuffed with keywords that they aren’t even useful. Business owners or web developers will simply find the top twenty or even thirty keywords in their field and fill the page with them.

When a user gets to the page they don’t learn anything useful. They may not even find out anything about the company. What they get is useless information or repetitive sentences filled with keywords designed to draw them in.

If you want to rank high you need to keep that quality in mind again. You need to make sure that you are adding in a reasonable amount of keywords instead of overloading your pages. Sticking with five or less keywords is also going to be a benefit to you.

This shows those search engines that you aren’t just fighting for rankings. If you keep the variety of keywords low and the number of times used low it will help you in the long run. You want your pages to be more useful than keyword stuffed. That’s what gets you the higher rankings.

Unnecessary Words

One dirty little trick that many companies like to use is to add in pages of unrelated keywords. You’ve probably been drawn in by this yourself. You search a topic and find a website that seems to have the information you want. When you click the think though all you find is one sentence on your topic.

The rest of the website is on something different. Most clients or customers find this annoying. Once they get to the site, even if they are interested in the topic, they close the page. They don’t like to be tricked.

You want to make sure you’re avoiding this little trick. Search engines are starting to get wise to this as well. That means they are starting to crack down on companies that use them. They will lower your search engine ranking by a lot if they catch you doing this.

So not only will you lose a lot of potential customers who get annoyed for being tricked. You will also lose a lot of potential customers because your ranking goes down. When your ranking goes down it means you’re harder to find when someone looks.

Title Tag Overload

Once again the important thing to think about is the keywords. The more keywords you use the better right? Not always. You want to use a reasonable number of keywords. Too many and you get bumped down on search engine rankings for useless content. Too few and you get bumped down again.

You need a balance that will keep you popular. With title tags this can be very important. You want to use keywords in your title tag because you want to draw people in. When you overload with keywords however it can decrease your ranking.

Just like in all other parts of your website, too many keywords is going to be a bad thing. Some companies will try and cram as many keywords as they can into the title tag. This may help you get a large number of clicks for a short time. Right up until the search engines catch on to your tricks.

Then it’s going to drop your listing further down the list. You don’t want this to happen. You want to make sure you’re keeping plenty of people coming to your website. The more people on your website the more business you get.

To Make a Long Story Short

So what you need to do is focus on only a few things; keyword and quality. You want your keyword count to be moderated. Remember that too few or too many keywords will hurt you. This applies to the variety of keywords as well. If you start using too many different keywords it can decrease your ranking because you appear to be keyword stuffing.

You want to keep to five or fewer unique keywords. You also want to keep to a 4% or less density. That means the number of times your keyword is in the content versus other words is less than 4%.

Quality is going to be instrumental as well. If your content doesn’t have value your ranking will decrease. You want to make sure you’re providing everyone who comes to your page with something important. Whether that is information about your business or about your topic doesn’t matter.

As long as your page has content that informs them of something related to the keyword you will be fine. This quality is going to improve your ranking and increase the number of views that you receive. It will ensure that you have plenty of potential customers all the time.


For any business SEO is an important concept. Understanding how it works will continue to be important. If you are not careful it can be difficult to keep up with all the changing rules of SEO as well. After all, search engines change them quite often. These changes are so websites can’t play tricks on their potential customers.

By changing the rules often websites must change their content frequently. This helps customers receive new information and helpful information. They will also be able to find out more about the company before visiting.

In 2015 you can expect that the rules are going to change yet again. Some of these changes have already been made public. Some of the others have not. This means you’ll need to continue following the news on the subject. Make sure you pay attention to everything that you find. SEO can be complex to learn in the first place.

You need to understand the variety of rules. You also need to understand what clients need. Once you’ve figured it out however the process is simple. Make sure you’re providing quality content and that you continue to update as much as possible.

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