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Sell Videos Online: How to Market Videos and Screencasts

Sell videos online, and you could amp up sales of your other products.Sell Videos Online If you enjoy making videos, but have never had a way to make money from them, this guide will help you change that. In a similar vein, if you like showing people how to do things, but are a terrible writer, making a video to convey your instructions is often a better alternative.

Videos work both as a standalone product and as a bonus to a main product that you’re selling. And when you sell videos online, you have a huge audience of potential customers to which you can sell your videos. And once you get those customers, you’ll be able to keep selling to them in the future.

Where to Sell Videos Online

If you don’t have your own DVD production software or don’t wish to ship cases of DVDs to your customers, then it’s a wise idea to set up web hosting specifically for your videos and have your customers make payment through a third-party online.

For example, some video producers edit their productions using software, then keep transfer them to a digital format of manageable size. To sell videos online, they purchase the web hosting through a fulfillment company of sorts that handles both the transaction and the delivery of their product to the customer.

The benefit of the above option is that the videos are often protected with a digital rights management, which does its best to help users protect against internet piracy. Naturally, once the customer has the product in their hands, they can still find ways of reproducing it and posting an unprotected version online, but at that point, it’s out of your hands.

Other producers choose to set up a cart through PayPal and host their videos elsewhere, letting PayPal handle the actual transaction. PayPal takes a nominal fee every time a transaction goes through, but gives customers the option of returning the product, in which case PayPal will also refund the fee.

Sell Videos Online that Appeal to Customers

You can sell videos online that pertain to just about any niche. But choosing the niche that’s right for you can be a challenge. If you already have an authority site that focuses around one niche, you’re a step ahead. Your job is to then outline what exactly your videos will feature. Are they tutorial videos that show a viewer how to improve their agility with stretch and jumping exercises? Or are they informational videos that teach them another language?

Next, you should focus on the quality of your videos. You can charge more for high-definition videos with clear audio than you can for shaky, amateur videos with a lot of noise in the background. Presentation isn’t everything, but if you want happy customers, you’ll put quality ahead of quantity.

To successfully sell videos online, you need to market them properly. Advertising on a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, can stimulate interest and get your product seen in a lot more places. Don’t rely on simply picking savvy keywords to draw customers to your website through organic search to sell videos online.

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