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Seasonal Affiliation


So what did you learn over the Holidays? Hopefully you learned that marketing in one of the biggest buying seasons online is not a difficult task, and should not be left to those who have products that are aimed at those buying gifts. A buying frenzy always ensues around November – December, and as such, you can guarantee that in the mix there are some people who are looking to get ahead online. With this in mind, there’s a hundred products that you could have tempted them in with, as a free offer, and then a small upsell product once they were on your list. But, is a high peak buying season like the end of the year the only time you can cash in on a buying frenzy?


Internet marketing and affiliate marketing has for some time been a closed book to most, when you think in terms of the actual timing of a sale. For instance, when Clickbank marketers think about launching a product, they won’t always think “What month shall I release?”, because internet products can sell well all year round. The only timing worry for them is that they don’t end up releasing at a time when they are up against a load of competitors in the same game. Affiliate marketers can make the most of buying peaks like Christmas etc., but it should not be ignored that there are some times during the year when you could cash in with an affiliate product, and go from one buying peak to the other. For example, a friend of mine (actually this blog post was inspired by her) specializes in seasonal blogs. This may seem strange to most people, but she does it for a few great reasons;

1.       The main reason is domains are cheap for seasonal stuff. A .com would be available where you’d expect it to be snapped up in all honesty

2.       Another reason is the fact that most seasonal products have a big peak, which is enough to take you to the next peak

3.       One cool thing to come out of this is that these sites sell when they are flipped, as long as they have proven history, and are ranked. Getting seasonal stuff ranked isn’t terribly hard, because few people compete – they just try to compete at the time of the most sales

So, look at your calendar. You have Christmas, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and many more. The thing is, you can also tap into heating, cooling, sports events, weather related stuff and more. As with most things, you are limited only by your imagination.

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