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Sales Pages but Quicker

faster_sales_pagesWhen you are creating sales pages, you need to get the best possible value if you are outsourcing.

There are many copywriters who will charge over $100 for a great sales page, and these copywriters can charge this because their pages convert for their clients. Really, all you need, though, is a good sales page formula, and a cheap (but good) writer.

The formula for a good sales page is really quite straightforward. If you remember some golden rules about sales pages, then you can actually write them yourself, or hook into lesser known outsourcing sites to get your page created, including graphics and copy.

Tips for creating the best sales pages:

  1. Keep the text to a minimum. Have no more than 600 words on your sales page.
  2. Use high quality graphics. Never use low quality JPEGs, and ensure you are using royalty free graphics from good sources like iStockPhoto or Shuttershock
  3. Use video wherever possible. Videos are the new marketer’s best friend. People are more inclined to watch a video than read 1000 words of copy.

Those three tips will help you get a good quality sales page together, and if you are looking for a cheap source of graphics and copy, you should try www.fiverr.com. This site is getting a lot of attention from internet marketers as there are some very high quality sellers on there, who are very capable. 600 words will cost you $5.00 and you are able to get well made graphics for the same price.

One of the golden rules of a sales page is testimonials. There is nothing wrong with paying people to give you an honest testimonial, if you are short of time, so you can head back over to Fiverr, and look for people offering video or audio testimonials and reviews.

The next thing to do, is head over to the Warrior Forum, or similar forum, and GIVE AWAY your product to ten people, in return for reviews. There’s no need to sell the product, just get reviews. This will give you some good traction when people hit the sales page, and see reviews on a respected forum (just do some screenshots which link to the forum posts).

Your sales page should now look professional, and have some verifiable testimonials to give it some credence. Sites like Fiverr (there are similar sites to Fiverr on the web) can be a valuable source of quality outsourcers. You can build a $100 sales page for less than half that cost, as outlined above.

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