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Retention by the Bucket

retention-blogsSometimes we forget that the people who are visiting our Facebook pages, our Twitter profiles, our Digg bookmarks, our Stumbles and our sites are in fact – PEOPLE.

We throw all sorts of things at them, and they keep on coming. We have affiliate links, and we have Adsense. We have CPA submits on our pages, and we even have videos that are presells to presells, leading to upsells… and we forget to treat them like people. It’s a common mistake, and it happens daily. We have it happen to us, but guess what?

We’re desensitized and we don’t even care that we have banner blindness. We forge ahead looking for that snippet of information we thought was on the website found on Google search. We attempt to sift through terribly laid out sites and beautiful affiliate heavy sites – all in search of the thing we started out looking for.

When we look over our blog, we see that we have headlines made for impact, titles made for SEO, and articles made for keyword density. Do we ever look at our sites with a little humanity? Do we ever think that we could capitalize on traffic without even having to try hard? Of course, it is very possible. All you have to do is engage with a person on your site using something that will really make them enjoy their stay.

Let’s take an internet marketing blog for example. Did you ever notice that the really successful ones also include some sort of real world referencing on their pages? You will see them linking to news about Formula One results, the Superbowl, funny cartoons they read recently – anything to take your mind off the subject matter you came looking for, and enough to make you stay a while longer, and then feel a connection with the site you are on. This is how to really influence your visitors – engage them with something completely off topic and real world related… they will then stay much longer on the subject they came looking for.

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