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Reputation Management Online: Do it Yourself

Reputation management online is a concept that is easilyReputation management online handled on your own if you know where to do it. There are several sites that help you manage your reputation in addition to tools that charge a fee for integrating analytics and metrics in addition to reputation management.

It’s important to guard your reputation from the beginning. That means a multitude of things, which we’ll delve into here in just a moment. But before we get started with this reputation management online guide, just remember that your reputation begins with you and the way you operate. All the tools and statistics in the world can’t change how customers feel after dealing with you online. Now with that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s available.

Reputation Management Online Starts with You

Start your reputation management online the right way by treating your customers decently. That means the content you put on your website should be customer-friendly and in a nice, professional tone. The service you provide should be timely, delivered as promised and even over-delivered upon if you really want to make points.

Remember that a scorned customer with one bad experience will be much more inclined to give you a bad reputation than a pleased customer with ten good experiences. Why? Because anger often drives customers more than happiness. It’s a more “motivational” emotion, so to speak. So always try to resolve any customer issues when they creep up, and don’t wait until you read a bad review about your service to rectify the problem.

Reputation Management Online: Tracking what Customers are Saying

Reputation management online tools like Demand Force, Raven Tools and others provide monthly subscriptions that help you track what your fans (and detractors) are saying on social media platforms and online review sites like Google Places, Yelp and more. Be sure you set these set up before you do a lot of business so that no one else sets them up in your name and controls them. Some sites even let you reply to feedback so you can salvage your reputation management online before it gets out of hand.

Your reputation management online is very crucial, especially if you run an offline business. Customers are even more inclined to write reviews about service they get in person. This is especially true if you run a personal service, restaurant or coffee shop, car dealership, or other high-profile type of business. The bigger you are, the more likely a person is to write a candid review online.

It will behoove you to keep track of these places in your weekly sweeps of online checks. If you have anyone at your company in charge of SEO, this should be part of their job description. It’s important that you tackle any recurring problems quickly, before too many customers get a chance to post about them.

This reputation management online tactic should help you catch problems, help your business and make the buying experience at your company better for everyone involved.

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