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Refund or Provide Value?

angry_customerSometimes we get it wrong, and we have a small backlash of upset customers to deal with. More often than not, we dispatch with these irate or angry customers with a refund and an apology. Then, we hope that this is where it will end, and if they purchase again, then we hope that they will be more satisfied, and we will have done things better for them. Truth be told, these customers are the ones who can really improve your business, and tell you a lot about how to produce a winning product.

When a client complains, or is upset about something, they are open and honest about you and your product. If they did not get value for some reason, then you should find out why. Every product should over deliver, and every client should feel like they are getting a lot more than what they paid for. If a client contacts you saying they were unhappy, you need to analyze in detail where you went wrong.

For example, a client once emailed friend of mine stating that he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) use a product, because he had already found a very similar method in a different guide not so long ago. Instead of just refunding and hoping for the best, my friend emailed him back asking if he’d put the method into practice. The reply was short, but said yes, and it had failed him. The friend contacted the client about ten times over the space of a week, and ensured that the client had put the method into practice, and tweaked it until the client had really matched it to his needs.

This made the guy very happy, and he went on to write a 200 word testimonial. Not only that, my friend actually added all the tweaks to the method, and sent it out as an update – therefore providing further value.

If you have a product that has not hit the mark for someone, then you should find out why, and tweak it with them until it suits Then, you are able to add further value to your product for anyone else who has similar problems. Of course, there are going to be times when you cannot please everyone. These guys are usually looking for a free lunch, and will not entertain one to one support. At least if you ask them, your conscience is clear, and your client comes away with a more personal result.

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