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Quick Stats Bookmarklet – Members Only

Ok, first of all, full credit to Matthew for this one. This is a cool little bookmarklet he has allowed me to share with everyone here in the Inner Circle. It’s a simple little button that sits on your browser and with the click of a button will show you the full Alexa and Quantcast data in a minified window about the target site in a cool little popup window.

I love bookmarklets and they save a ton of messing around.  This is for members only, so please don’t share this.

Here is how to set it up in FireFox (Adjust instructions for your browser if you are not using Firefox)…

Step 1: Go to View/Toolbars and make sure “Bookmark Toolbar” is checked

Step 2: Right Click on the Bookmark Toolbar and select “New Bookmark”

Step 3: Change the name to something like “QuickStats”

Step 4: Add the following code to “Location”

javascript: function main(txt) {var version="1.0";var nam='';var tmp=window.location.host.split('.');var x=tmp.length-1;while(x>-1){nam=nam+tmp[x]+".";x--;}if(tmp[x+1]=='www') {nam= nam.substr(0,nam.length-5);}else{nam= nam.substr(0,nam.length-1);}var popup=createDiv();popup.id="popup";popup.style.position="absolute";popup.style.right="0";popup.style.width="auto";popup.style.zIndex=100000;popup.style.border="2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0)";popup.style.top=scrollPos().y + "px";var quant=createDiv(popup);quant.id="quant";quant.style.backgroundColor="white";quant.style.zIndex=99999;quant.style.width="710px";quant.style.height="840px";quant.style.overflow="hidden";quant.innerHTML='
Close | Open Alexa | Open Quantcast’+’ | Version ‘ + version + ‘ mathewfrank.com‘+ ‘

Site demographics bookmarklet (c) by Mathew Frank – http://mathewfrank.com. Do not share.



'+'';document.body.appendChild(popup);var alex=createDiv(quant);alex.id="alex";alex.style.backgroundColor="white";alex.style.zIndex=99999;alex.style.width="700px";alex.style.top="-36px";alex.style.left="10px";alex.style.height="420px";alex.style.overflow="auto";alex.innerHTML='';alex.scrollTop=320;window.onscroll=function() {popup.style.top=scrollPos().y + "px";}}function checkdata() {if (document.getElementById("qctraff").naturalWidth == 1) {tmp=document.getElementById("qctraffdiv");tmp.innerHTML="NO QUANTCAST TRAFFIC DATA

  Quantcast demographics data is therefore suspect.";tmp.style.padding="40px";tmp.style.width="320px";tmp.style.height="170px";tmp.style.margin="144px 0px 0px 10px";tmp.style.border="1px solid rgb(255, 0, 0)";}}function closeIt() {var node=document.getElementById("popup");node.parentNode.removeChild(node);}function createDiv(parent) {var tmp=document.createElement("div");tmp.style.position="relative";tmp.style.margin="0";tmp.style.border="0";tmp.style.padding="0";if (parent) {parent.appendChild(tmp);}return tmp;}function scrollPos() {if (self.pageYOffset !== undefined) {return {x: self.pageXOffset,y: self.pageYOffset};}var doc_element=document.documentElement;return {x: doc_element.scrollLeft,y: doc_element.scrollTop};}main();

Step 5: Go to a site and press the “QuickStats” button and see what happens!

Nice work Matthew and great share!

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