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Quick Money-Making Ideas: Easy Online Tips

Quick money-making ideas aren’t the way to go in the long runQuick money making ideas if you want to make steady income online, but it can get you started in making extra income for Christmas money or to supplement a part-time job. As is the case with many online marketing ideas, these tips really don’t require you to have any prior experience of any kind – not in the “real world,” and not in online marketing. All you have to do is keep an open mind as you try it out.

Quick money-making ideas online often have to do with submitting assignments of some kind to another website. Such websites advertise making a small stipend of cash (usually paid through PayPal) in return for submitting an article or digitally uploaded media that they or a client are interested in purchasing. We’ll explore some of those options here.

Quick Money-Making Ideas for Writing

Oddly enough, you don’t have to be a writer or published author – or even a whiz at grammar – to make money writing online. There are multiple websites available that offer amateur writers upfront payment or performance earnings based on the quality and popularity of their articles.

Here’s how it works with these quick money-making ideas. Let’s say you sign up at a company like Associated Content, which pays up front and performance earnings for your articles. You don’t need any prior approval, but you do need to abide by their guidelines for word count, keyword density and subject matter. An editor will take a look at any article you submit and determine if it is worthy for upfront payment. If it is, you will be paid for the article and then earn performance revenue for the views it receives once it is published.

Quick Money-Making Ideas for Other Digital Media

The quick money-making ideas mentioned above are highly popular and also somewhat competitive. If you would like to contend with less competition – and do something besides write articles – you might check out a place like Fiverr.com. This website lets you offer almost any service for five dollars. They’ll take a cut, naturally, but you get to keep most of what you make.

So what do you offer on Fiverr? Some gigs advertise professional-sounding voiceovers for five dollars per 30 seconds. Others offer a picture of themselves holding a drawing of a company logo for a company’s website or brochure. Still others offer Skype lessons for music or foreign language learning. If you have a short eBook to sell, you can offer copies of your eBook for a flat fee and send your buyers a link to the download. This basically means no extra work on  your part and gives you a highly trafficked avenue on which to promote your eBook, besides.

Finding easy money-making ideas online is sometimes difficult, as some sites are total scams. Before signing up, check out the site’s reputation on forums and see what others have to say about it. But don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch; there are plenty of quick money-making ideas to choose from.

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