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Promoting Your Blog in an Inundated Internet

Promoting your blog in an inundated world promoting your blogof cyber knowledge is a daunting task to say the least. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but sticking with it is even more difficult. The temptation of quitting is always just a click away as you trudge through a seemingly endless world of bookmarking sites, RSS feeders and the next new Facebook wannabe.

But promoting your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or mindless if you don’t want it to be. The whole point of promoting it is to get people to read it. So if you’re going about it in a way the bores you, the author, how much more boring will it be to someone else who is stumbling upon it in a search engine result somewhere? Putting things into perspective this way will help you realize where you need to go the extra mile for promoting your blog and making readers stay once they get a taste of your posts.

Promoting Your Blog: Mixing It Up

Think of a prominent blogger whose posts you follow daily or weekly. What is it about their posts that inspire or intrigue you? Do the posts always tell you what you want or need to hear? Do they help you with a specific aspect of your life or business? Is that the blog you visit for a much-needed laugh or piece of advice?

Chances are, nothing about each blog post is identical every time you read it. Undoubtedly, the blogger posts something entirely different each time they hit the publish button. Maybe it’s a picture of their cat brushing up against their monitor, preventing them from getting their latest post written. Perhaps it’s a video of them on the balcony of a fancy restaurant overlooking Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Or maybe their advice simply hits home with you, and you can’t help but enjoy yourself while reading it.

Whatever the ingredients, the bloggers you enjoy following have a recipe. Your job in promoting your blog is to dissect that recipe and mimic one like it. Don’t be a copycat and plagiarize or rubber stamp your blog to be just like theirs, but you can use the same pattern pieces to cut your work out for you.

Promoting Your Blog: Appeal to the Reader

Too many bloggers make the mistake of appealing to search engines when promoting their blogs. So when promoting your blog, try to appeal to the reader as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your keyword research to the wind, but if a sentence option comes down to the difference between a ridiculous-sounding keyword phrase and a proper-sounding “human” phrase, opt for the human one. Your article will be more likely to go viral if it sounds good to the reader than if you get a few more hits from Google simply because it was “search engine friendly.” Anymore, reader appeal IS search engine friendly, so keep that in mind whenever you are promoting your blog.

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