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Problems as Opportunities: Reversing Your Problem

Seeing problems as opportunities is not somethingProblems as opportunities that we as humans are used to doing. We tend to try to see problems as something to overcome or something to have to fight. Sometimes though, we should try to see them as ways we can benefit from having to go through a trial.

For example, how do you think so many people are able to write eBooks on how to get rid of certain diseases or sicknesses? Some are charlatans, of course, and others just copied what existing books have to say on the subject, but many of them actually had to go through the problem in order to find a solution. Once they found a solution, they saw their problems as opportunities and found a way to make money off of their suffering. It doesn’t always happen like that, but that’s just an example of one of the many ways to make the most out of their problems.

Seeing Problems as Opportunities in Your Online Work

As an internet marketer, you run into problems every day. Maybe the guy in the Philippines that you hired hasn’t returned your work for two weeks, and you have to start over with someone new. Perhaps you’re struggling to learn CSS coding on your own and can’t make sense of online tutorials. What are you doing to overcome these problems? Are you seeking out help elsewhere, or are you finding a way through the problem yourself?

In either instance, seeing problems as opportunities will encourage you to help others to figure a way through the same problem – for a fee, of course. Or maybe not. Perhaps you could write a five-page how-to guide on solving a very specific issue and offer it for free to readers willing to give you their names and email addresses. Then you can sell something to them on the backend later. How’s that for seeing your problems as opportunities?

The Mentality of Seeing Your Problems as Opportunities

Many sales gurus and internet marketers will tell you that it’s just plain good salesmanship to start looking at your problems as opportunities. Part of the reason is this. If you don’t look for a way through your problems, you’ll just give up or you’ll look at them the wrong way. You’ll let them get you down, and that will reflect on your whole life, including your online business.

But you could really be missing out on opportunities to make money if you don’t actively look at the current problems going on in your life and figure out a way to capitalize on them. Do you keep getting told no to a job? Then document your methods of going about finding a job, and seek help with what you might be doing wrong. Then, document your journey in making it right, and use your findings to help others do the same. Trust me, you’re not the only one who has the very problems you’re facing right now, and there are others just like you who are hungry to start seeing their problems as opportunities, too.

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