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PPC – Right for Your Business?

ppc-incentivesPay per click campaigns are still viable, despite what people may tell you and despite what their horror stories portray.

There is click fraud, and there are peaks and troughs – but this is all part and parcel of a regular normal business.

Every business has some sort of risk involved, and if there’s no risk in your business, then please let me know when you have an opening for company director…

Pay per click has probably got such a bad stigma attached because it has been used in the past to try to shortcut the natural traffic process, and hit people with scams and bad offers. There will always be an element of this in our society, so you can’t have PPC standing out on its own in that department. The most encouraging aspect of PPC is that it is once again on the rise, and big players like Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit have enabled their advertisers to take advantage of a thriving market, and turn it into a marketplace.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the Big G here, Google. This is not an oversight. Social media is such an uproar now, that it seem pointless to stick all your eggs in one basket with the market leader, when there are opportunities to bring a different kind of visitor into your site, who is more than likely going to contribute to the content of your website, as well as possibly earn you some revenue.

When you look at social media, you see people interacting. So your blog then has the chance to get these people interacting with one another, and build your community, rather than just reading content on there. Your community based sites are having new life breathed into them by your visitors, and you are then taking part in the Web 2.0 revolution, rather than just being a PPC advertiser.

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