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Playing the Numbers Game

For some time I have been reading about the latest in bum marketing techniques that are monetized on a micro-scale. For numbers_gamesmarketers who are making $1.00 per month, they are quite happy, and content, because they actually have 2000 web properties live at any one time, each bringing in that average dollar per month. To get to 2000 sites or web properties is not difficult. And it does not have to cost the earth. Marketers often forget that besides the main domain on a site, there’s ways you can actually have multiple sites or properties without spending another dime. Sure, you could stock up on .infos but very few people advocate their usage, and they do look quite spammy now compared to the .com .net and .org sites you see in the top 10 on Google. Few niches are dominated by .infos. Actually, there is a better way. You can use sub-domains on your sites, as long as you havea  fairly generic or all-encompassing main domain name.


Wikis are very popular, and should you enter into a broad niche like celebrity news for example, you could find a celebzwiki.com type domain name (maybe that’s available)  and start adding on your sub domains until the cows come home.

Let’s talk about timeframes. If you wanted 2000 web properties, then you would have to divide this over the course of a year, let’s say. There are not 365 days in a year, this is a myth. When have you ever worked 365 days? Of course, there are holidays, there are birthdays, school plays and lots of other things that get in your way, so lets say you manage to get 200 days out of a year, where you can concentrate on this project. You go for the celebrity buzz type niche, and each sub domain consists of a news area regarding various celebrities and events in Hollywood. Quite a simple topic to write about, and always has lots of news. You decide to write up 10 pages per day, for 200 days. Now, let’s assume you are monetizing your site with celebrity mugs, posters, tshirts etc. These products can earn just pennies, but of course – you have 2000 pages each earning pennies.

When you do the math, and play the numbers game, the possibilities are endless. 2000 sites could be up in less than a year, and if each page made you $1.00 per month, you are looking at a very good monthly income for very little work.

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