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Piracy? All is Not Lost

Iblackhatn the world of internet marketing, there is an underground movement of people (who also class themselves as professional marketers), and all come under a banner we call Blackhat. Most forums would have you believe that these guys have minimal morals and ethics, and they steal and share eBooks all day long without a care in the world. This is partly true, and you will see a vast amount of your work shared on these Blackhat forums. If it is popular you might find them on The Warrior Forum, Digital Point and the like. There are some people who would have you believe that there is nothing you can do to combat this – but nothing could be further from the truth.

In Blackhat communities, you will see a camaraderie and teamwork just the same as you will on other (non-Blackhat) forums. They do have values and they do have morals. There is a very quick and easy way to ensure your products are not shared, and that is to become a member of the Blackhat forum in question. 99% of them will have a Do Not Share list, and they will honor anyone who asks that their products not to be shared. If you have worked 300 hours on an eBook, and put your life on hold to create videos, then you can go off at the deep end when you see somebody sharing this work for free. The trick is to remain calm, and not attack these guys on the forum. You simply make yourself a member, and then contact the moderators calmly and professionally, and ask them to add the product to their do not share list.

Once you have done this, the mods will get back to you fairy quickly and the links will be taken down. This may not stop the file being shared – but you can then get in touch with Rapidshare or Mediafire etc. and get them taken down. There is very little room for a gray area anymore when it comes to copyright theft, therefore each sharing site will take what you ask on board and pursue removing the links.

You may come across sites that actually do put up a fight (or just ignore your emails) and in this case, it is worth throwing some legality at them to get the links taken down. They will (and must) comply. Do not assume because they are on certain servers that they operate under different laws. With enough pressure, they will comply. To be honest, they will do so to make you stop emailing them constantly.

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