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Physical vs. Digital

product_boxWe see eBooks all over the internet now, and even the giants like Amazon have their Kindle downloads etc.

The developers for the gurus are forever inventing new ways for you to access content: protected PDF, community based member access area, and more.

One method you may not have even contemplated, is physical product selling.

When you started working online, you did it for many reasons, no doubt, and one of them being the lack of overheads. With a PC and an internet connection, just about anyone can make a stand on internet marketing, and succeed with the right coaching and guidance. What hundreds of marketers fail to realize is that most of these buyers that they are delivering products to (downloadable content) are from the offline world, looking at a way to go online!

It’s important then, to actually consider these people, and ask yourself what they really would like to receive as a product. They would certainly like to see something physical for their money. Most probably, they access the internet to purchase products online, and have them delivered to their home. Now what is stopping you from doing this? You may think the costs are too high? Or there’s too much messing about with inventory?

Well, if you take an example of a course being provided on DVD, you would need a local DVD duplicator to mass duplicate your DVD’s, and insert inlays… which you could have printed by a printer. You could then give these to an inventory fulfillment company, who would deliver them when you sent over lists of orders by email, or by bespoke online system. This may seem like a lot of hard work – but it adds value to your product – and the copying and distribution would be paid for with a postage and packing surcharge. It allows you to go from selling a $7 product, to selling a $67 product.

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