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Part 1 of 2: Building a List You Can Take to the Bank


The size of your list these days means nothing. A great marketer will usually have a list that he keeps quiet about. One that has been tested over and over with various offers, but never oversold. This list will be kept for his own products. That same marketer will also have a general list, which may not perform as great as the others, but is still worthwhile. These lists can be hundreds or thousands – what really matters is the bottom line, and how it converts. Most people will tell you that your list should make you at least $1.00 per month for every name on it. You don’t have to go far to make that happen, when you look at all the great stuff on places like JVNotifyPro for example. You can pick up and run with great offers and even with a list of 100, you could take a few thousand dollars to the bank, through backend sales, memberships and more.


The first thing to consider about your list, is if you want to share it with anyone else. Ad swaps can be great, but they eventually lose you all the clients you “would have” had. For example, let’s say you swap with a marketer who sells a $27 product. They take 200 people from your 1000 list. Now, being an ad swap, you are just list building, so won’t be getting any commission. You gain 100 people from his list. So, in effect you are 100 clients down. They have now gone to spend their money with your ad swap partner. If you were just giving away information to those new 100 clients, then you haven’t made a dime on them yet, and there’s every chance they have been sold to regularly by the list owner, and were just looking for a freebie. So you cannot sell to them yet.

We’ll discuss how you can capitalize best from this scenario in tomorrow’s installment.

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