email marketing basics

Email Marketing: Learn How to Profit From Your Site

You’ve got mail! Do you remember hearing that? Those 3 words will forever live in online folklore from back when the internet was in its infancy; still trying to gain the world wide exposure that it has today. Although the days of using dial up and receiving discs from AOL in the mail are long gone, we can thank them for introducing us to one of the most important, and oddly addictive, methods of communication…the email. Although other forms of online communication have surfaced, such as text messaging and social media, email still remains the internet marketers weapon of choice; ...

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internet marketing tools

The Internet Marketing Tool Kit

Internet marketers everywhere are always looking to gain an edge over the competition. Access to data and various forms of information is a marketer’s best friend. Continuous advancements in technology coupled with some really clever ideas have given birth to countless internet marketing tools that offer a solution to many problems that online entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for the most lucrative keywords, require a deeper insight into a competitor’s ad campaign, or simply want to a way to be able to run daily operations smother, there is likely a tool out there that can help. ...

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facebook marketing

The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 2: A Step by Step Strategy to Massive Profits

Social media is the ultimate canary in the coal mine. It is the single most powerful tool that any internet marketer has in his arsenal for generating a brand, a following, and an income online. Today’s post will be the follow up edition to The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 1. In case you missed that post, I would highly recommend that you go back and read it as we will be further expanding the method that we previously covered. The entire basis of this model is to create several streams of income from multiple, highly targeted followers in a ...

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social media marketing using your facebook fan page

The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 1: A Step by Step Strategy to Massive Profits

I’ve mentioned in the past that the widespread use of social media has allowed marketers to reach untold amounts of people, vastly increasing their reach (and their bank account). It is so incredibly powerful that many people have turned to making a full time living simply by promoting offers through their social media accounts. No social media platform is more effective at expanding your influence than Facebook. I’ve created Facebook marketing posts in the past. With over 10,000 shares, this post HERE seems to be the most popular thus far. However, the strategy I outlined in that post has absolutely ...

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seo tips

SEO Redux: Simple Tips for Effective Search Engine Optimization

Part of my daily routine is to check my incoming blog comments and emails that I’ve received. Every day I sift through dozens of emails (sometimes many more) to review and answer many of the questions that the followers of the ImSuccessCenter have. Lately, I’ve been noticing an influx of questions regarding the use of SEO. When it pertains to search engine optimization, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion. This is not uncommon at all, believe me. There was a time early on in my internet marketing career where researching SEO was like reading the tabloids. I ...

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