content marketing ideas

3 Quick Content Marketing Tips that Bring Big Results

It’s quickly becoming more and more apparent that content should play a significant role in creating a massively successful business. From a strictly marketing point of view, content is what will build your brand, help showcase your expertise, and bring in new traffic. Audiences will show a significant amount of loyalty to their favorite bloggers, continuously reading and sharing content, and best of all, buying their products. I want to be 100% clear. Content isn’t just written. It can come in numerous forms such as video or podcasts as well. Regardless of what method you choose to pursue, it’s important ...

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grow your business

6 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business Faster than Ever

Initial growth is the single most difficult aspect of online marketing to master (and quite possibly the most important). Often times it can take a website 5 years or more to stimulate any sort of growth, wasting a lot of time and effort. We can both agree that any business should be looked at as a long term investment, but waiting half a decade is simply too long, especially when there are so many ways to kickstart growth from day one. Today, I’m going to provide you with a basic blueprint to grow your business that can be repeated over ...

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driving traffic to your site

The Newbie’s Guide to Driving Traffic

I doubt anyone has ever created a website with the intention of not sharing it with others. People WANT others to view their site. As an internet marketer, you NEED people to see your site. Attracting a strong readership and driving revenue work hand in hand. It’s impossible to do the latter without driving traffic to your site first. Building an audience sufficient enough to earn a livable income online is easier said than done. The competition can be fierce regardless of the niche. Every website online today is clawing tooth and nail for the traffic they receive, making it ...

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build your brand

How to Build Your Brand Without Being a Salesman

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of amazing people and the ability to do some incredible things due to my life as an internet marketer. One of the best things about owning a website is being able to communicate with your audience. Whether I’m at a seminar or sitting behind my computer reading emails, I get a plethora of questions from my readers (which is awesome by the way). However, recently I’ve noticed a trend. I’ve been receiving more and more questions from readers asking how they can sell a product without selling their integrity. ...

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new product launch

The 10 Step Product Launch Blueprint

Every year thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs pour their heart and soul (not to mention their money) into creating a product that inevitably crashes and burns harder than the Hindenburg. Perhaps they didn’t do the proper market research to ensure that people actually wanted what they’re offering? Perhaps they didn’t come up with the correct pre-launch plan to ensure that there was some sort of hype or excitement surrounding their subsequent product launch? Maybe they didn’t have the help and support of others within the niche to gain the reach necessary to drive enough revenue? Today, I’m going to provide you ...

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