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Optimizing Your Campaign for Continued Success

The world of internet marketing is fickle. If you’re not at the top of your game, someone else will swoop in and take what you have, and the competition is only going to become more fierce.

Over the years, I’ve seen marketers come and go. Some have chosen to pursue other ventures, while others simply fell out of the limelight. Obviously, much of this can be attributed to the ever changing nature of the internet.

I definitely don’t want to give off the impression making a living online is unsustainable. I and my fellow colleagues are living proof of this, but for every person that succeeds, there are countless that fail.

We can make assumptions as to why so many fail to continue their success once they’ve reached the top, but one thing should be painfully clear; if many had continued optimizing instead of stopping once they hit pay dirt, more of those same marketers would still be around today.

Even if your site or product has spread like wild fire, offering up massive profits, there are always minor enhancements that can be made. Attention to the finer points is what separates those that are good, from those that are GREAT.

Today, I’m going to reveal some tips to help you continue optimizing your website for higher conversions.

Where to Start?

Obviously split testing is not a new concept to most marketers. Through split testing, you can narrow down what factors are positively (or negatively) influencing your conversion rate. Split testing isn’t simply something one does with their sales page, but with every aspect of their site.

But, before you begin making changes haphazardly, it may be advisable to use a split testing software that allows you to track minute changes and how they are affecting your traffic.

For this, I would suggest one of two platforms;

Visual Website Optimizer


Both have useful features that require few technical skills, which makes either option relatively beginner friendly. Be sure to do your due diligence to deduce which option would be best for your needs.

The worst thing you could possibly do is mess with something that is already working without ensuring that you are going to elicit a positive response. The analytics gained from split testing software will provide you with the information required to make these changes.

Your Sales Funnel “Top” to “Bottom”

For most websites, the homepage will be the “top” of your sales funnel. This is where potential consumers begin their experience with your site. The “bottom” will be your checkout page as this is the last step prior to solidifying a transaction.

Most internet marketers will spend an abundant amount of time on these two pages, ensuring that they are fully optimized for conversions. Unfortunately, there is there is often times many steps that separate these pages, leaving ample room for traffic to slip through the cracks.

This means that it is essential to analyze every page in your sales funnel, and not just the “top” and “bottom” as the pages in between are just as important.

Google Analytics allows for users to set up funnel tracking, which tracks the path of potential consumers as they traverse the pages of your site. You will have the ability to view which steps in your funnel is failing to convert your viewers to the next step.

By isolating the specific pages that require the most optimization (which may be something as small as changing the wording or the color of a button) you will have a distinct idea where to begin your split testing efforts.

Headlines are Essential to Success

According to the researchers of the Nielsen Norman Group, “To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds” or else users will begin to fall through your funnel and leave the page.

That means that headlines, the very first interaction that a viewer has with each specific page, need to be fully optimized to impact the reader in a manner that makes them want to continue on.

The possibilities for headlines are absolutely endless. I’m sure you have seen countless headlines for websites and high converting offers that play on the emotions of its readers whether they use shocking statements, providing social proof, simply explaining their offer, or some other variation.

Headlines will depend solely on the target audience and the offer being presented.

Stories Engage Viewers

The majority of people surf the web in order to gain information or to be entertained.

A competent sales page will allow you to do both. Why not provide the information your audience seeks while simultaneously entertaining them? They will be far more likely to continue through your funnel than if you simply placed some basic information.

For instance, if you are in the IM niche and have a product that will help other attain their goal of making money online, then tell a story of how you began and the various hurdles that stood in your way. Not only might the potential consumer identify with you, it will allow you to easily transition into your offer.

It works seamlessly to engage viewers while also building trust. Potential consumers will no longer view you as a faceless website that is trying to pitch some product, but as a person just like them, that has the solution to wait ails them.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

View what your competitors are doing. There is a good possibility that they’ve tested various models or simply stumbled upon one that works. Either way, if they are established, they are doing something right.

You can take bits and pieces of their campaign and add it to your split testing endeavors to see how they affect your traffic. Some ideas may resonate with your audience while others may fail miserably.

Test everything from color combinations to the width of sidebars to the placement of menu items. Even minor changes can make an extraordinary difference in how your audience responds.

Improving Conversions is More than what Appears on the Page

Reverse engineering what is working for your competition also works with the off-site aspects as well.

Platforms such as Ispionage can help you discover what types of PPC keywords your competitors are targeting and the exact text that they are placing on each ad. It will even show the average price they are paying for that specific ad and what its average placement is as well.

Whether you have experience with Adwords or not this information can be invaluable. You may not have the marketing budget as some of the top competitors within your niche yet, but it can easily help identify what is working within your specific market.

If you have any additional ideas on how to improve conversions, feel free to leave a comment in the area below. Trist me, I am in the same boat as you. I love to learn new strategies and techniques from anyone that is willing to share.

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