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Opinions Count… For Traffic?

opinionsThere’s a great deal of people never actually provide any feedback on the products they buy, especially online. When marketers make it easier for their buyers to get in touch and voice an opinion, they do tend to use that facility, but it would be helpful to both the marketer and future buyers if people gave their opinion more often.

On the subject of opinions and feedback, a little used traffic method springs to mind. There is a way to a) become an authority on the subject you are providing feedback on, and b) get traffic for that opinion. This is not a crafty or devious method, it really is something that is reciprocal, and the marketer’s never have a problem with it.

The next time you purchase a guide, tutorial, course or ebook, simply email the seller, and ask if you can provide a detailed review. Also ask if you can add your website link to the testimonial. That’s it. The best way to use this method is to write your review, and then, in italics at the end of the review, simply write something like

“John Smith is an internet entrepreneur, and owns the blog www.yourblog.comor you can turn the link into an anchor text like Your Blog.

That is all you need to do, and believe me, you will get traffic. Not only will you get traffic, but if the testimonial is put on a website, you are getting a free backlink for your troubles.

If used properly, and with consideration for the marketer, you will certainly reap the benefits of a free backlink and traffic – and as stated above, the marketer should not have any issue publishing it, because it is great public relations to have a detailed and authoritive testimonial.

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