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Online Email Marketing: Standing out from the Competition

Online email marketing is all about pitting yourself in competition against everyoneOnline email marketing else who sends emails to your email subscriber list. Every day, your subscribers receive tens or hundreds of emails from spammers, retailers and yes, other internet marketers. Chances are that they hit the delete key on most, if not all, of those emails, without ever reading them first. So how are you going to distinguish yourself from the pack and convince them to open yours?

When a person gets a lot of emails in their inbox every morning, it’s tough to look through each one and determine which ones are worth reading. That’s why it’s all the more important in online email marketing that you work your hardest to capture their attention from the get-go.

Online Email Marketing: Writing a Great Headline

Your first chance of capturing your audience’s attention in online email marketing is in the headline of your email. Now there are really two parts to this headline. The first is the sender’s name, and the second is the subject line. It’s important to have an appropriate sender’s name so that your readers know it’s you every time they see your emails. If it comes from some company name they don’t recognize, they’ll probably just delete it.

Secondly, you need a super-catchy headline in your subject line. Now there are a couple of ways of looking at this. If you write a series of emails and you have a title for those emails, you can give them a name and enter that name into the subject line of every email. That way, if your readers look forward to reading them, they’ll be looking specifically for it in their inbox. For example, if you have a series entitled “My SEO Diary,” then you could put “My SEO Diary: Day 20” in the headline of the 20th email in the series.

More Online Email Marketing Headline Tips

Online email marketing requires that you get a little creative sometimes. Another way of capturing your reader’s attention is by inserting their first name into the subject line of the email. Most email subscription software gives you a great way to do this. It usually begins with some code that looks something like this: “{!firstname}” or {!firstname_fix}” or }” or “{!email}.” You get the picture. These codes will insert the username information from the subscriber into the heading.

But here’s the funny catch: many subscribers won’t use their real names when signing up for an email list. So if they signed up as “Bugs Bunny,” using the first name option will plug the name “Bugs” into the email title.

Tone of Voice

The way you address your readers will make an impact on whether they read your emails or not. You might think you have to use an uptight, professional tone all the time, but that’s not the case. In fact, the more conversational you make your emails, the better your customers will respond. One particular online email marketing guru passes himself off as sort of a country hick with a lot of slang and endears himself to his readers in this way. As an online email marketing beginner or expert, you can adopt a type of speech that will characterize your emails and make your readers look forward to the next time you send out a broadcast.

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