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One Method of Marketing That is KILLING IT!

Mobile MarketingIt’s Mobile Time! Entrepreneurs, it is time to take note; the mobile age has quickly come upon us! 85% of the world population has access to a mobile device.

For those of you that are not mathematically inclined, that is about 6 billion people!  Technology is increasing at an astounding rate. It seems as if every month a new mobile device is introduced into the market. 

With the extreme availability of mobile devices and their newer models that allow for increased consumer engagement, it is no wonder as to why mobile marketing revenue is expected to rise to an astronomical $16.65 billion dollars in revenue by year’s end.

Oddly enough, this form of marketing is still virtually untouched. Reports by the International Telecommunications Union have projected estimates that there are approximately 7.1 billion devices activated worldwide (up from 6.1 billion in 2011).

With the overwhelming volume of individuals that use mobile devices as part of their daily routines, and the incredible amount of new people subscribing each day, it is a virtual impossibility to run out of solid prospects to market services or products to.

Some Mind Blowing Statistics

  • Within the US alone, mobile search revenue brought in an estimated $400 million in 2001, and is expected to increase to well over $3.2 billion by the year 2016.
  • In 2015, mobile local search volume will surpass local searches conducted via desktop. It is also estimated that most advertisers are still expected to continue to invest more money in desktop local searches, leaving less competition for those that take initiative.
  • In 2015, there will be an estimated 85.9 billion online search queries done through mobile devices. Search queries via desktop are estimated to be only 84 billion.

The numbers say it all. It is as plain as day.  Not only are more people using mobile devices, but they are making more purchases via mobile devices than ever before.

How is This Going to Improve Your Business?

If you have not optimized your site to be mobile friendly, than you are undoubtedly missing out on untold amounts of potential revenue. Eventually the word will spread that mobile marketing is incredibly lucrative and your competitors will be scrambling to optimize their sites as well.

If you beat them to the punch, you will already have established your brand, making it an uphill battle for your competitors to try to compete. There are plenty of affordable options available online that can help you optimize your site.

The Power of Responsiveness

Once you decide to take the leap and re-design your web presence, it may be worth investing in a responsive web layout. Although slightly design restrictive, responsive layouts allow the design to adapt to whichever device it is being viewed on (either desktop or mobile) so that it is not only fully functional on both platforms, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Any seasoned entrepreneur will admit that identifying trends within the market is what leads to long and fruitful business opportunities. All of the trends point to mobile marketing as a clear cut path for marketing success. The future of internet marketing may very well be in the palm of your consumer’s hand.

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  1. Sean have been following, listening to, and watching your growth as a leader in the getting folks to know what counts realm for a couple of years now. We first met on Twitter, but have seen the tremendous content your putting out. This blog is exactly correct- keep telling it like it is, smart phones are just the tip of the five year trend toward micro immersion technology. Many other leaders besides yourself, such as Gate’s, Ballmer, Siemens, Oracle, are discussing the oncoming evolving of smart tech- kurzweilai.net also goes into it. Thanks Sean your blog rocks!

  2. Great Article Sean, I am really concentrating on Mobile marketing right now as I see that is where our future lies. I have enjoyed your training courses and recently just finished building my new site completely by using your training video’s from start to finish.

    Now I will be ready to continue with your upper level video’s and really get serious about the marketing. I have made some sales, and they are growing daily.

    Thank you so much you are appreciated.

  3. Sean it’s true mobile devices are really taking over. I want build affiliate sites for Clickbank and Amazon.com, could you give some advise how I would go about building responsive layouuts for my websites? Thanks, Nelson Coy

    • Good question. There are lots of good responsive themes on ThemeForest.net or many other places. You can create review sites, blogs themed to a problem and use all of that in combination with social media and authoritative SEO to make things rock for you…

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