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On Squeeze Pages and Carrots

When people ask me how to create a good squeeze page, and how to attract attention so people are dying to subscribe todangling_carrots_for_squeeze their list, I usually give them the standard information on how to put together a flowing page – but I also tell them a few things they don’t know. Advertising now is all around us, and we soon forget to look at the things that work on US as consumers when we are looking to impress our audience.

The best advice I can give anyone is to get you to look at the way people advertise or engage with you successfully. This usually involves imparting knowledge or giving away enough information at each stage of the “sell.” A squeeze page is not really advertising, but it works in much the same way. If a person has clicked through to your landing page from an email for example, they have just had a slight presell, and they are now looking to further their curiosity.

If you landing page does not have the information they are looking for, or they are not curious enough to follow through and submit their email address, then you can learn quite a lot.

If a person clicks through to your landing page or squeeze page, and they do not subscribe, you can learn much more than you’d think. They are being presold in the email or banner you have set up for the audience, but they are not getting the NEXT bit of information dangled in front of them, and they are not willing to sign up because you are not URGING them to get the next piece of information. Each stage of the squeeze process follows carefully from the last. You need to deliver just enough information so they want the next piece.

It really is like dangling carrots… except each carrot varies in size. A great example would be how you explain all the great benefits of your product in the email, and how there is MORE on offer when they click… and then when they get to the squeeze page – you tell them about the bonuses they can get. When they get your follow up email after signing up, they then get a further bonus (if they do the following etc. etc). Treat each piece of the puzzle with equal mystery and ensure they are wanting to get to the next stage each time – not just directed to.

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