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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Today, there are many professionals who have a great deal to say about print marketing, especially when it comes to its decline. But, one of the main questions that is currently arising among those same professionals is whether the initial notion about print marketing’s decline was correct. There currently is a great deal of evidence suggesting that print advertising is not in decline, but is instead evolving and becoming more influential among today’s consumer. The increase and success of print marketing bodes well for many brands, especially small ones because print marketing is still a relatively cheap and highly effective ...

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Expand Your Brand with Viral Sweepstakes

Creating a viral online sweepstakes is a great way to increase the visibility and popularity of your business and your brand.  A sweepstakes is a great addition to existing social media marketing campaign, but many business owners may wonder how exactly the concept of a sweepstakes ties in with the idea of social media marketing. Viral The idea of “viral” ties in with the use of social media to reach a large number of consumers by creating a post—or in this case, a sweepstakes—that is shared and shared again an exponential number of times.  Marketers use the term “viral” in ...

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How the Marketing Funnel Has Changed

The purchase funnel, or marketing funnel, is a tool that has been around for a long time and has been used by marketing experts and sales professionals to determine where in the buying process consumers were, in order to direct them towards finalizing a sale. The traditional stages of the purchasing funnel were: Awareness Familiarity Consideration Purchase Loyalty The basic funnel began with “awareness” being the opening of the funnel and the widest part. As consumers saw more advertising and learned more about the product, they became “familiar” with it, and moved down the funnel, closer towards the narrow end ...

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Amazon: Thinking Outside-The-Box

In the 1990’s, “ecommerce” was just coming into the public eye, and many new entrepreneurs burst onto the scene with online business ideas that were exciting, new, and completely unfamiliar to consumers, as well as very unfamiliar to the entrepreneurs who were starting the companies. These brave entrepreneurs were entering a brand new market, with hardly any guidelines or idea of what consumers would like and dislike in an online retail company. It was questionable whether or not customers would even buy online in the first place. But Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had a plan for Amazon that would ...

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Amazon: Marketing to Target Millennials

In general, Amazon has been utilizing the online market for some time to generate revenue for its product sales. The decision to use this tactic has largely been the response to a growing trend in which consumers are increasingly using the web in order to conduct most of their purchases. However, while there are many consumers who are turning to the web to shop, there is also data that points to a different phenomenon. While consumers are buying online, they are only purchasing certain products or they are browsing products online and then going to a brick-and-mortar shop to buy ...

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