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Ning Networks – Another Weapon of Mass Interaction


An often overlooked service in Social Media is Ning.com. As social platforms go, this site is pretty incredible, and is used by internet marketers to full effect, because it is so targeted and easy to advertise your products and services – in a very clandestine way.

Whilst not a free service, they do offer a very clever twist on social marketing. Ning has over 300,000 active networks, and each network can contain thousands of users. The networks are run by individuals who provide media rich mini-sites, which can feature anything from Facebook integration to streaming media.

The list of stars and big names who use Ning is growing really fast, having established their reputation in the music and entertainment industry, and staked a real claim in the realm that MySpace pretty much started out to be. When encompassing all the rich media of video, images and MP3 audio, you then have a platform that anyone in the entertainment industry can use to get their voice heard in a competitive market. Couple that with the viral nature of social media, and you have then got a powder keg of potential customers.

The easy going nature of Ning is also popular with its users. Whilst most internet marketers are paying for custom plugins and addons for their CMS (Content Management System) sites, Ning has a real coup here – because it is mostly one click development. This is a real boon to those marketers who get an idea for a product and want to be up and running before the sun goes down, and don’t want to wait on developers to make their idea a reality.

When a Ning user subscribes to your network, you can then begin to offer your products or services to them, and keep 100% of the generated revenue. Once you begin getting fans, you can then start recruiting them as organizers or marketers – which basically means you are promoting them to affiliates within your network. These people can then go out and find other users who want to join your network. Your network also provides you with demographics data, so each time you send out bulletins or offers, you have the exact market in your sights. Your Ning network can include a forum, where you may exponentially grow interest in your products and services. With social media integration, your fans will create a buzz for you on their own Facebook walls and Twitter updates – so the viral nature of this service becomes very plain to see.

Your Ning site can be set up in minutes, and you can begin finding people who are interested in your niche right away. Take a look and see if your business can benefit.


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