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New Social Media Sites: What’s the Buzz?

New social media sites are popping up New social media siteslike Starbuck’s used to pop up on corners in New York City. I recently signed a company up for 20 social media sites that were recommended to me by a few of the experts in the field.

You have to wonder as you’re signing up, though, if it’s really worth all your time. After all, we known how some new social media sites are simply a flash in the pan. The “experts” tell us our businesses are finished unless we have a profile on this site or that site, then come to find out, they get bought out or slide to the bottom of the stack. And while you don’t know the future of the site (or you would probably buy up their stock in a heartbeat) you should at least spend some time researching these new sites and sign up for the ones that look promising.

New Social Media Sites that Might Not be as Beneficial to Your Business

When I started doing work for a company recently, one of my colleagues in the business recommended that I sign the company up for profiles on Posterous and Plurk. I’d never really heard of either of these prior to the recommendation, so I was pumped to check them out.

In the short time that I have had company profiles on these new social media sites, Posterous has been bought out by Twitter and Plurk has, well, not done much from what I can tell. Sure, a lot of Plurkers fritter away their time plurking about who knows what, but I couldn’t see much benefit in the service from a company perspective. If you sell “fun” products online and already have a lot of followers on other social media sites, then I could see some benefit, but right now, I’m not highly impressed.

Posterous is kind of like a different version of Tumblr. You can post long or short blocks of text, upload pictures, embed videos – much the same way you can on Tumblr. I don’t really think it adds much value to the internet, so I would only sign up for it if you really think you have something to gain by posting yet another blog-esque website.

New Social Media Sites to Consider

The newest social media site I’ve found that might have potential is Pingram.me. It’s a direct combination of Pinterest (which I’ve talked about in previous posts) and Instagram, a photo sharing site. Essentially, Pingram lets you “pin” photos like you do on Pinterest but with some of the recently added and popularity features of Instagram.

If you believe the “experts,” then you know how popular videos and photos are going to be in just a few short months. Content is king, but it comes in different forms, and anymore, it’s coming in the form of viral photo sharing. Even if your business is not highly photo-oriented, you might try to find a way to share photos in some respect, or you’ll find yourself behind the new social media sites.

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