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Never Lose Another Visitor to Your Site

retain_trafficYour biggest marketing aid are the visitors that never stay on your website. Whilst it is worthwhile tracking your visitors using Google Analytics, how they visit one page, click through to another, and which content is most relevant to the keywords they typed in originally, the reverse can be much more beneficial to the life of your site.

For instance, you can quite easily optimize the rest of your site for the people who are staying for one or two minutes, reading interesting articles – then clicking outbound links to affiliate pages… but imagine the difference if you could retain all those who are actually leaving your site.

On the outside looking in, this does not seem easy to actually achieve. It is difficult to know exactly why these people are leaving your site, unless you trace the route of the problem. This starts, as always, with your keywords. Using Google Analytics data, we click on the Content link, then Content Drilldown.

This presents us with a list of the pages that people are landing on, and their bounce rate. A bounce of 100% means the person has landed on that page, and found it irrelevant enough to click the back button or exit your site pretty quickly. All we have to do is convert these bouncing visitors into solid, interested readers. How do we do this? We simply convert the irrelevant pages into relevant content – or at least help each visitor find their way to the interesting content.

The way to do this is fairly straightforward. Firstly, examine the page that people are landing on and then bouncing. You will normally realize that the page has nothing to do with your main keyword. Maybe it is some auto-content, piped in from a plugin. Maybe it is an off-topic remark you made about a person in the industry.

Any of these reasons will get you ranked for a keyword, when it might not necessarily be appropriate for the visitor. So, in simple terms, you need to be able to give that visitor a way out of that page, to the relevant and interesting content. Provide big links to the main keyword content. Put large banners above the fold, linking to keyword related content.

The key to retaining visitors, is providing them with the right content, and in case where you are getting traffic to pages that do not have related content – you should also give them a means to escape this page – and get to a page they want.



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