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More Copyright Fun!

copyrightAgain, I’ve had a few emails about Blackhatters who have stolen some of our readers’ content and put it on forums available to the public. We covered this with a few methods at the beginning of the month, with an article called Piracy? All is not lost. It seems, however, that we need a little more in our armoury for this type of behaviour, so I’ve some more tips for you guys today.

One of the best tricks I’ve seen with this type of copyright infringement (aside from the usual DMCA takedowns) is rewarding people who actually steal the content! At the end of a guide you publish, if you offer a reward to anyone who willingly tells you where they downloaded from, up to the value of the guide itself, you will get quite an influx of emails. If you point all these to an autoresponder, you are actually gaining subscribers for your efforts.

Another good trick is to put a note in the guide about link killing, for a reward. Should a downloader feel a bout of conscience, you can get them to contact the link sharing facility and ask them to remove the link, citing it as copyright theft. With so many people telling them to remove the link, they will eventually drop it. Furthermore, if you get these people signing up to a list (especially for those who download said material) then you are segmenting some of your list into those who like to pay, and those who don’t…

For those who are seriously impacted by this type of behaviour, you would be better employing a VA who can find all these download links and have them removed. Supply them with a DMCA takedown template, and have them get all the links removed. A good VA will ensure these links drop faster than they sprout up, and it can be worth it in the long run. Have the VA replace all links on forums to a downloadable PDF that states you do not accept or tolerate copyright infringement, and would appreciate it if the reader would purchase a copy of your material instead.

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