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Modify, Then Modify Some More

modifyKeywords are a killer to find if you are in a very narrow niche. They can sometimes lead to a dead end, and push you in the direction of another niche, and this becomes a frustrating, cyclic problem that will not feel good, and it won’t be enjoyable.

If this happens on a regular basis, then you will most likely not just be looking for a new niche, but a different business.

The truth of the matter is, it can be very simple to actually find a better keyword than the main niche search term, if you have the right tools at hand.

If you look at how a sentence is made up when searching the internet, this is one of the best places to start modifying youractual niche keyword. Solar power is a difficult niche, but we will try to find a better keyword than the typical “solar power roof panels” etc. We will modify the keyword to within an inch of its life, and try to develop it into a high traffic niche keyword.

In this example, with solar panels for people’s roof, we are going to think about how and why our future visitor is on Google in the first place. The first modifier should be location. Everyone lives somewhere, so we should find out who is looking for solar roof panels the most. There may be a state in the USA that has a local government providing rebates on solar energy, or it could be that there was recently a big newspaper spread on the topic. For whatever reason, we need to know where the keyword is being searched, and tap in fast.

To narrow by locality, we simply need Google Insights. This keyword modifier will instantly open up a new niche. According to Google Insights, Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have got the highest searches over a six year period. If you search on Google Adwords Keyword Tool for Colorado solar, or solar Colorado, and get as many results as possible containing those keywords, you will end up with quite a few keywords that you can use on just one website. If the total number of searches comes to 1000 searches, you can almost guarantee that the search terms are easy to compete with in the top 10.

This is just one example, where a local search modifies the keyword to such an extent, you can develop a website which is going to get high quality customers clicking through, and a contextual ad server like Adsense could be profitable.

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