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Marketing Tools to Avoid

When you are working on marketing a business it becomes extremely important to understand which tools help. You need to also understand which tools hurt you. For a business there are a variety of tools. When you get online you will find multiple tools as well.

Those tools will improve your abilities in many ways. Some, though, will hurt your business. It is important to understand which tools do what. It is also important to consider the ways to achieve your level of success. You will need to think about success in different ways.

You need to make sure you are researching different online marketing tools. Make sure you understand what each does. Understand your business as well. By understanding your business you will be able to focus on important tools. Some tools may be bad for any business.

Other tools may only be bad for your business. You want to understand your business in relation to the tools you use. Understand what you need in order to draw in clients. Those tools are worth the time and money. Other tools may actually cost you more time and money with no results.

The Wrong Audience

If you are appealing to an audience that is not interested in you there is no success. You cannot succeed in the wrong audience. You need to make sure you are getting attention from the right people.

When you do this it helps improve your abilities. Telling people who are not interested in you what you can offer only turns them away more. Someone who is not interested in hunting won’t buy your hunting equipment.

If they aren’t interested in knitting they won’t buy new needles. You need to consider the right people.

Marketing to the right people will get you more business. It will get people who care about what you have to offer. You need to consider who the right and wrong people are in your business.

You then need to focus on how to attract interest from the right ones. You will also need to consider where they want to get that information. This is how you will succeed.

You want quality information delivered to the right people. Those people will be interested and they will buy your products. They will also tell other interested people.

Email Subscriptions

Subscriptions themselves can be great. This is when someone signs up for your emails and wants to learn more about your company. You send those people more emails and newsletters frequently.

Remember these are people that signed up for your information. They want to know more. They want to understand your business. These are people who have bought from you. They are also people who may buy from you.

All these things make them excellent choices for your email subscription. That’s why they are going to sign up after all.

On the other hand sending out blind emails to any email address you can get your hands on is not helpful. The chances are good that you will contact people who are uninterested. Remember no matter your topic you have a small niche.

The odds of getting only people in your niche are small. The odds of getting a lot of people in your niche is still small. You will be annoying a lot of people instead. No one likes to receive spam emails.

If they receive these emails from you it makes them less likely to buy. That’s something you can’t afford for your business. You want anyone who sees your product to want it. But the best way to do this is by selective marketing.

Using Your Friends

If you only market your products to your friends you will not succeed. It’s not that your friends don’t want to help you. Chances are they really do want to help. Unfortunately they won’t be able to do much.

They will find themselves done spending and you will not have enough to survive on. If you focus only on them you will not be able to continue growing. You will reach a specific size and you will stall out.

This happens because your friends can’t buy from you every day forever. They can only buy a few times.

Start out with your friends market. Talk with them and your family. Encourage them to buy from you. Encourage them to tell others about you. Make sure you are getting your name out there.

The more they buy and talk the better you do. You will sell to them and they can advertise for you. Those people then buy from you and tell others.

You end up with an entire circle of people buying from you and helping you sell. This will improve your abilities. It will improve your selling patterns. It will also improve your success level.

Advertising Inefficiently

Remember that advertising is the best way to attract new people. If you advertise the wrong way you will be wasting money. This applies to what you are selling and how you sell it. For example, if you sell dog toys you can advertise in your hometown.

You don’t want to spend a fortune this way though. After all, your town can only buy so many dog toys. You will want to spend some money advertising online as well. But advertising in the wrong place can be just as bad. You need to focus on dog sites and blogs over technology for example.

When you advertise the right way you improve your chances of being noticed. You help the right people to see what you are offering. You help them to consider you as a good choice.

This also makes them want to buy more from you. They see what you have and they buy it. Then they decide to get even more. This is going to improve your business by a lot.

The more people buy your products the more people will hear about them. When more people hear about them they are willing to buy as well. This is how you are able to succeed.

Giving it Away

Another bad idea is giving away your products. Once in a while you may want to use this tool. In some situations it can be a benefit. It can help you reach out to new people. People like to try something new and free.

When you are just starting out this may seem like an important idea. You may want to try giving away free samples of your product. This is a problem because too many free samples means those people don’t need to buy. If they don’t need to buy then they are not going to. You may make people happy but you won’t sell products.

Instead you can give away small ideas or samples in a different way. Give away video of others using your product or a single piece of a new snack. These create a desire to own the new product or item. This makes the people want it but not already have it.

If you give away full products you are not creating a need. Make sure you use online resources to provide these new samples. Help people to see what you have and to want it. That will improve your sales even more than you would think.


There are a variety of different marketing tools available. Some of these are great for you and some are not. This will depend on many different factors. You need to consider what your needs are. You also need to consider what your clients need.

When you use the wrong marketing tools you will be setting yourself up for failure. This is because you are marketing to the wrong group of people. You may be providing those people with information they don’t care about which costs you money and business.

When you use these types of marketing tools you are also showing others who may not be interested in you. You need your tools to focus on who is interested in you.

If you sell knitting supplies you don’t need to market to hunters. When you do you are wasting your time and theirs. You are also wasting your money. Instead, focus on what the people you want to sell to want from you.

This way you will be able to achieve even more. You will also spend less money and get even more results at the same time. This is always good for a new business.

Avoid the tools you don’t need. Do not get caught up in marketing as much as possible and waste your time. The more tools you use the better it can be for you. This is not always the case. You may find yourself using a lot of tools well. If this is the case then keep at it.

Use as many tools as you can in a positive way. The ones that are working should be added to your database. The ones that aren’t working should be gotten rid of. Keep a tally while you work. Get rid of things that stop working for you.

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