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Marketing in 2015: What You can Expect

While there certainly are outright strategies in the marketing world that you would never want to wholly abandon, there are others that you’ve perhaps noticed not to work as well as you hoped. With 2015 coming up, you want to be certain that you are well equipped with the latest marketing trends and strategies.

Understanding what to expect for marketing in 2015 will ensure that you are able to provide the best marketing strategy for your brand, in turn generating the sales that you need to stay competitive and to become successful. Below you’ll find an overview of what most experts believe will be the top strategies for markers this coming year.

Less Generic Work – More Specialized Efforts

For many businesses, the default marketing strategy is keeping up with effective and helpful blog posts that consumers want to hear. Sure, this is a strategy that has worked for some time and that doesn’t show an indication of relenting.

However, marketing managers are starting to realize that pushing the boundaries on conventional marketing strategies may just be the most conventional option. Rather than keeping the easy blog post the default for reaching users, more brands should start focusing upon empathy and customer experience.

Providing mass appeal to your customers through generic blog posts is easy, but it isn’t effective when you aren’t correctly targeting your consumers, especially those who are looking for  a brand that understands them and their needs. Create information that your customer will be able to use, to apply, and to be grateful that they’ve received.

Great Content Needs to Be More than a Fad – It Must Be the Norm

While some marketing strategists overlook the need for good content, doing so essentially ignores a basic truth about the consumer, which is that the consumer is able to differentiate between well written and poorly written content. Not giving your customers the credit they deserve as readers and absorbers of information not only humiliates the customer, but it reduces your brand to one that essentially does not understand the consumer himself.

Rather than fall prey to the perils of a poorly run brand, you should aim to stand above the crowd and treat your customers as they deserve to be treated. This means that one of your goals for 2015 should be to provide content that is high-quality, well-written, and that engages the audience as much as possible. Consumers will notice the difference, and they’ll appreciate your brand all the more.

Mobile Media

It is true that the consumer has millions of ways to get in touch with you brand, but not every avenue is taken advantage of. Most brands have a tendency to glaze over mobile media at a time when mobile media is all the rage. If you think about it, consumers are more prone to purchasing the latest mobile device instead of a new laptop of iPad.

Mobile devices are everywhere, they are becoming more specialized, and they allow the consumer to view more and more data as time goes on. In 2015, you should expect to see more brands taking advantage of mobile device technology. Brands are able to reach consumers via mobile device through email marketing, video streaming, applications, payment processing systems, and so much more.

Transparency is a Necessity

Very few brands understand the value of transparency. Consumers, now more than ever, are looking to be heard by brands and to exert their influence upon the company – which is only fair since they are the individuals who are purchasing your products. Lifting the veil between your brand and the consumer essentially makes things easier for everyone.

Your consumer deserves to be heard, to be understood, and to get a sense of how your company operates. The public is looking for transparency in brands because people want to know what they are buying, how it is developed, who is developing it, and what greater social purpose the brand is offering.

If you want to keep your customers close and to generate more leads, then transparency is one of the surest solutions to growing your company. Transparency has another benefit, which is that while transparency provides a clearer view of your brand to the consumer, it also provides your brand with a more thorough understanding of the customer himself. This allows you gain an advantage in terms of developing target market strategies.

Digital Marketing Technologists

Education and understanding of technology is something that is constantly developing and changing in order to meed to the demands of society. The technology world has realized a niche in the marketing real, and that is the need for “digital marketing technologists.”

The term isn’t as elusive as it seems. Essentially, a digital marketing technologist is an individual who is highly skilled in technology and has a good grasp on how to apply that acumen to the digital marketing world. You can count on these professionals to apply strong and effective strategies via digital means to your consumers.

A Growing Target Market

Statistics show that Hispanic purchasing power has exceeded $1 trillion dollars and it is expected to continue growing. The new target market may signal a few things to you, and hopefully one of those things is that you have a whole new target market to work with.

When tailoring your marketing strategies, your brand needs to figure out how to get in touch with Hispanic agencies that are going to head into the mainstream market. These agencies will enable you to reach a massive audience that can help you increase your social media presence and sales alike.

User Generated Content

This prediction is a bit more unregulated. Some marketing analysts are toying with the idea that 2015 is going to be the year that users will cooperate with marketing content developers to produce content. Content creation isn’t going to be simply provided by the professionals, but companies are going to invite the consumer to produce their own version of what the brand means and how it is the best choice.

The user generated content can be beneficial because it gives you brand an idea of how it is perceived among the market that you are targeting. However, the downfall of user generated content is that it may deflect form the quality initiative that companies are now leaning towards.

By providing poor quality content generated by users, your brand may gain a negative reputation. Therefore, if you do choose to move towards user generated content, it needs to regulated and overlooked before it is issued to the public.

Keep Content Concise

Information overload is a real problem when it comes to content marketing. Most brand managers are unsure about how to turn content into something that the consumer is going to remember and retain. For 2015, your marketing team needs to focus on two elements when it comes to content production – briefness and effectiveness.

This means that while the relevant key words need to be in the content, it too much to drawl out pages of content. This will ultimately leave the reader uninterested and exasperated with the content that you’ve provided. The next time your content is issued to readers, make sure to keep it to the point and that it gets across the information that you want your readers to see.

Prove Growth – Don’t Just Explain it

Marketing managers sometimes get a bad rep for the reason that some of them fail to prove how their marketing strategies are effective in bringing in the desired revenues. In 2015, you can expect more companies to demand to see proof of how revenue is generated and from whom the revenue is generated from.

To ensure that you’re on the right track for this upcoming marketing business trend, you need to make sure that you are working hard to provide excellent marketing strategies that actually work. To do this, you’ll have to go above and beyond what most markers do by understanding the target audience, getting feedback, remaining close to the sales team, issuing surveys, and so much more.

Video Content

Words are the most effective medium to convey exactly what you want your reader to understand. Sometimes though, you want to leave your content up for interpretation. One marketing prediction is that video content is going to be on the rise for 2015. Considering that video has been out for a great deal of time, it seems that this prediction was completely delayed.

However, no matter – if video content marketing is going to be on the rise in 2015, then you need to be ready for it. You can do this by starting to generate ideas on what users want to see in their videos and though which online channels they prefer. Currently, YouTube is still as popular as it has always been, so you may want to start there.


Developing a marketing strategy in 2015 isn’t going to be drastically different from what you had to do in the past. However, there are a few differences, those of which you’ve been able to discern above. Taking advantage of these tips can ensure that you are in a much better position for the upcoming year.

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