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Marketing 101: Attracting the Teen Audience

These days, it is clear that marketing to teens is one of the greatest challenges that most marketing firms face. Trends among teens tend to change at a faster rate than among other groups and moreover, teen attention is very difficult to hold onto because there are so many businesses and platforms that are competing for their attention.

All one needs to do is to look at Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat for an example of this. Each of these businesses is competing with the other to attract and retain teen attention because teens provide an invaluable portion of the market.

Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to increase your chances of holding onto this powerful target group.

The Importance of the Teen Market

Teens have always been an important part of the market, but this statement rings truer than ever now. Today’s teen market is the largest teen market in history, amounting to more than 70 million people.

When teens purchase products, they not only do so for themselves, but their purchases also influence what their parents and friends purchase. While teens do have a great deal of influence when it comes to purchases of their friends and family, there are a number of significant and unique challenges that businesses face in targeting the teen market.

  • Teen loyalty isn’t to brands, but to the product
  • Quality products are what teens are looking for
  • Teens are most attracted to technology products
  • Teen attitudes towards products tends to be highly varied

Because the teen market can be difficult to attract and retain, there are a number of moves that your brand should take in order to keep this group. By taking the below steps, you can easily increase your product’s target market and sales base, leaving you with more business success.

The Pop Culture Attraction

There are many things that attract and cause teens to purchase a product. One of the most prominent ways to attract the teen market is to use pop culture. If possible, a highly effective move would be to attract a popular teen musician or celebrity to market your product.

The endorsement by a celebrity will help push the success of your product among the teen group. In addition, when using a popular teen role model, you should also make the endorsement as realistic as possible. Teens are fully aware of their role models and when an endorsement is made, they’ll know if it is a likely or an unlikely one.

Try to Avoid the “Teen” Product Label

If there is one thing you may remember from your teen years, it is that it was never “cool” to use a teen product. The same type of concept applies to today’s teen market group. Teens these days are wary or purchasing products that are clearly marketed toward their group.

Rather, they are looking to buy products that could be applicable to near any target market. The trick is to try and get the teen market to accept the product on their own terms and bring the product into their own sphere of interest. If you are able to meet this standard, you can be immensely successful with your product.

Use Social Media

Social media has become one of the most influential marketing tools for nearly every brand. When it comes to the teen market, social media may play an even more prominent role. Teens are constantly utilizing mobile and internet technology.As a result, most of the products that they see and are influenced by are those that appear on their technology mediums via social media.

If you’re trying to market to teens, it is highly recommended to use your brand’s social media account to reach out to the group.Once you become a trending brand among the teen market, you’ll find that a whole new base of possibility is available to you.

Teens end up “sharing” products that they are interested in much more than other target groups, which means that your brand will be able to get more exposure among the group and even other individuals that are related to teens. In terms of social media platforms – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest are still just as popular as they’ve always been.

Interactive Marketing

Another tip when it comes to attracting the teen market is to be as interactive as possible in your marketing efforts. For example, some technology brands have taken to setting up events where teens can try out the products, play the games before their release, or be a part of the product’s launch.

This type of marketing effort creates the feeling of inclusion, which is something that many teens are looking for when it comes to products. Essentially, teens want to be a part of the product’s development, popularity, and launch into the market. Through these efforts, you can easily increase interest in your product and enhance the influence on the teen market.

Creative Efforts

Finally, there is no target market that requires the level of creativity that the teen market does. When you market to the teen market, you need to take special care to create marketing campaigns that are colorful, flashy, and that pertain to the interest that the teen target market has.

To get a good idea of the types of style and colors that teens like, it may be helpful to create a survey and dole it out to teens. Their answers can help you to easily develop the marketing campaign that you want to attract the market.


Overall, the importance of the teen market cannot be underestimated. If you are able to utilize the tips above to attract the teen market, you will be able to have the support of a massive target market, which means an increase in the chance of your product’s success. The only thing that you’ll need to worry about once you are able to harness the power of the teen market is actually keeping the market.

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