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Make Money on YouTube: Legit Video Income

Make money on YouTube – that’s what a lot of content creators these days are doing.Make money on YouTube Users like Ray William Johnson, Ryan Higa and Key of Awesome are all pulling in over a hundred thousand dollars per year from their channels, and thousands of others are making a tidy profit as well. But if you’re not a comedian and don’t feel like drawing on your face just to make people click “Like” on the video, perhaps you should look at another method of making money on the internet’s most popular video website.

In order to make money on YouTube, you have to upload videos on a regular basis – almost everyone who has any YouTube experience knows this. Not only does this build trust in your subscribers, but having several videos on your channel increases your exposure as well as the odds of someone finding you on YouTube.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube

But if you don’t know what to make a video about, how in the world can you start to make money on YouTube? As it turns out, there are a few surefire ways that you can launch a steady flow of income with YouTube videos that have nothing to do with comedy or sketches that you have to write yourself.


You don’t even have to be a YouTube partner to sign up for MyLikes. At MyLikes.com, you can page through campaigns of products that you can review. If you own one of these products, make a video of yourself describing the product in a positive light, then upload it to MyLikes. They’ll post it to your YouTube channel on your behalf and pay you for views for the first week or so. If you make a lot of videos like this, you’ll have some extra lunch money flowing within no time.

Promote Affiliate Products

You can really leverage YouTube traffic if you create a channel devoted to a certain niche and promote products related to that niche. Once in a while you should sprinkle in a few non-promotional videos to build trust, but viewers love to get advice on products, so you’re not doing anyone a disservice by uploading product videos. However, it’s always a good idea to put a disclaimer in your video description that you may be paid for the product if viewers purchase it through your link.

So how does this work? Sign up for an affiliate program of a company whose products you like and want to buy yourself. For instance, if you’re the techie type, you might buy a lot of Apple products, like iPhone cases, earbuds, chargers and docks. You could create a bunch of videos detailing how these products work and which ones you recommend. Place your affiliate link in the description and ask users to click on that link for more information. When they purchase the product, you’ll get a commission.

Leveraging Your Methods to Make Money on YouTube

Regardless of how you make your videos, you will no doubt still have a lot of competition when it comes to traffic and ways to make money on YouTube.  The more you can promote your videos through other means, the better. That means you should create a Twitter account, public Facebook page and even a blog – exclusively for your channel. Post and tweet about new videos and be sure to participate in user comments and activity whenever possible. These methods will help you make money on YouTube for a long time to come.

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