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Make Money from AdSense: The Options are Endless

Make money from AdSense tutorials can sometimes be difficult to comprehendMake money from AdSense when trying to put them to use at the same time. Some of them teach poor practices, while others are simply outdated in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Many of them feed off of the drive so many people have of just “making money online” and not worrying about doing it ethically or in such a way that provides value to the customer at the same time.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make money from AdSense without compromising Google’s terms of service or your own online ethics. And yes, it is possible to make money from AdSense without acting like a gray hat internet marketer.

Make Money from AdSense on Other Websites

Learning to make money with AdSense often begins on a website that isn’t even your own. For the single mom just getting started online, or for someone who can’t afford their own web domain and hosting, signing up as a contributing author on a blog or article website is often a great start.

Certain sites allow you to make money with AdSense  by posting articles and earning revenue when your AdSense code is cycled on the page. Here’s how it works: The company you sign up with gives you access to their article submission area. They promise that they’ll display your AdSense code on your article page 50%, 75% or 90% of the time. Whenever yours is displayed, and a visitor clicks an ad, your AdSense account gets credited.

Make Money from AdSense on a Blog

Blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress templates installed on your own domain both help you integrate AdSense ads on your blog. If you get a lot of traffic on your blog, you can almost certainly make money from AdSense.

But you need one key element before adding AdSense to your site. You need quality content. This is a crucial point that many internet marketers and bloggers miss out on. They’ll spend a boatload of cash on a snazzy design, sleek graphics and custom templates, but then they shirk on their content, as if their readers won’t notice poor grammar and shoddy writing.

But that’s far from true. In fact, after seeing the initial layout of your website, your customers will judge your blog based on how helpful, enjoyable or informative it was. Did each article deliver what it promised in the title? Was it well-written and easily digested? Or was it clunky? Your visitors will make that decision in the first several seconds, and if they don’t like what they find, they won’t click your ads.

AdSense Revenue from Banner Ads

Web surfers often suffer from a phenomenon called Banner Blindness. They’ll read written content, but when it comes to flashy images and brightly colored banners, they tend to subconsciously hit the “ignore” button in their minds. So loading all of those 600 pixel by 120 pixel banners to your sidebars aren’t necessarily the answer all the time. But they do tend to catch the eye if your website is mostly white and not already inundated with graphics. Just use your judgment when it comes to choosing between banners and content to make money from AdSense.

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