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Make an eBook: How to Start Your Own eBook

Make an eBook, and you might very well decide to build a whole website around one eBook alone.Make an ebook Many internet marketers have designed their entire business around selling just one eBook and then adding on after they achieve remarkable success. You can join their ranks if you create an eBook that you market properly.

But before you can think that far ahead, you have to start at square one. Maybe you haven’t tried to make an eBook before. Perhaps you’re new to internet marketing in general. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to online experience, the very fact that you desire to create something makes you qualified to make an eBook.

How Long to Make an eBook

Before they embark on their eBook writing journey, many beginners ask, how long should I make an eBook? It would seem that a lot of people believe an eBook has to be a certain length in order to sell for a high enough price to make it worth their time selling it.

You’ve probably heard the marketing adage, quality over quantity. This goes for many aspects of marketing, not just eBooks, but the theory is the same. Just because an eBook is 300 pages long doesn’t make it a worthwhile product in the same way that an eBook 10 pages long doesn’t make for an inadequate product. If you can get the information condensed into a small number of pages, it makes it that much easier for the customer to digest it.

Now granted, there is something to be said for the way customers will view the product before they buy it. For instance, they might have it in their heads that more is better, especially if you expect them to pay a high price for your book. At that point, it’s your job to play up the positive side of a short eBook. You can tell them that you’re weeding out all of the fluff so they don’t have to. Inform them that because your eBook is so short, they’ll be on their way to making (X) amount of dollars within a matter of hours. There are many ways you can play up a small product to make it sound as valuable as it is, so don’t worry if you think it’s too small.

How to Make an eBook Sell

Few internet marketers sell an eBook all by its lonesome these days. Most of them offer it alongside a menagerie of bonus materials. Sometimes these bonus materials are designed to work along with the eBook, while others are to help the buyer in related aspects of the niche. If you make an eBook that is short, you should consider adding on a healthy portion of bonus materials to entice buyers to purchase it. You can also offer differing prices that reflect bundled bonuses and the single eBook all on its own.

Don’t forget to pretty up the packaging. Most marketers make a faux cover for their eBooks that look like a real cover. This adds a feeling of tangibility to the product that customers can relate to. This will usually help you  make an eBook sell.

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